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    "Triple IPA" Recipe Guidance

    Sorry, I'm a bit lost. Quad what?
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    "Triple IPA" Recipe Guidance

    A fair question. I would argue a TIPA is hops back, front and centre with a high ABV backbone to carry them, whereas an American Barleywine at least attempts to balance hop and malt, though usually leaning towards the former.
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    "Triple IPA" Recipe Guidance

    Because, IMO, 11-12% is the "sweet spot" in commercial Triple IPAs I've had, particularly of the hazy variety. I initially planned for ~11% but have struggled to balance OG and FG where I want them at the lower (!) end of that range with yeasts I know will play ball nicely with the style, and at...
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    "Triple IPA" Recipe Guidance

    Thanks for the feedback: I've tweaked the malt bill to push the EBC down to more like 10...difficult for me to get much lower than that with GP (at 5 EBC) in the mix though I could use an extra pale and lose a bit of the flavour. Pulled the GN Oats from the recipe (love the flavour but at that...
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    Lutra Kveik and Dark Beers

    You probably pitched and fermented too cold, and your Lutra stalled out. Kveik is much happier at ~90°F, and needs plenty of nutrients too (especially in higher gravity wort). Had you roused and upped the temperate, it may well have restarted fermentation.
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    What is the best kviek yeast? Is there like a safale 5 type that works for most anything?

    100% agree with the above, Lutra is the cleanest of the Kveiks I've used and probably most similar to US-05.
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    Back sweetening a golden strong.........

    This- you can finish at 1.015 or even higher and still remain consistent to style.
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    Is there a "reverse lookup" for [BJCP] beer styles?

    This- on reading this, the first thing I thought was "Brewfather". Write your recipe without setting a style guideline, and it will tell you which style it's closest to. Not perfect by any means (you might end up with some weird and esoteric styles being suggested) but still pretty decent.
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    "Triple IPA" Recipe Guidance

    Currently in the process of putting together a recipe for a triple (hazy) IPA. Not a style I've brewed before, and not one I can see much guidance on on the 'web other than the David Heath "Fruit Bomb". Here's what I've got so far: OG: 1.110 FG: 1.020 ABV: 11.8% IBU: 55 EBC: 11.4 Malt Golden...
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    What I did for beer today

    Nothing much today, I'll likely be taking a break from brewing for a few weeks until I can kick the two (3/4 full) kegs I have on the go right now. Both of the beers I have in stages of fermenting and conditioning are slower burners. However, I still did a few bits: Purged a bit of CO2 out of...
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    English Ales - What's your favorite recipe?

    Pretty similar to London on it's own, truth be told. Which is what I expected and hoped for. I would describe as a touch of apple or maybe pear, and a slight nuttiness which I also get from the likes of WLP002 (Fuller's). Definitely helps elevate some of the dried fruit and honey character from...
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    Mixed fermentation lag time

    As in low pH wort with few-to-no nutrients, extremely low OG wort with no mention of a starter.
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    Mixed fermentation lag time

    Sorry should have been clearer, I was referring to that pH and the pitching circumstances described by the OP rather than in general. A big, fresh Sacc starter with plenty of nutrients and probably a hit of extra sugar would probably have stood a good chance though as you say how that pH would...
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    What are you drinking now?

    I mostly use dry these days. Much more convenient and the range of selection is so much bigger than even a couple of years ago. The only time I tend to use liquids is if I can't get an equivalent in dry (eg WLP007 or WPL090)
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    What are you drinking now?

    Lallemand London and S-04 copitch, which is my go to for British ales.