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    Kegmenter Fermentation Keg - 7.6 gal

    Great thank you so much! Glad to hear it! I don’t mind the extra 5 minutes as long as you’re not having clogging issues that’s good enough for me. I’ve also seen they sell filter units that you can add to the end of the dip tubes to prevent any trub/hop material from getting into the finished...
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    Kegmenter Fermentation Keg - 7.6 gal

    Bringing back an old thread...I’m interested in the larger version of this for 10 gal batches. I was looking into the frermzilla all rounder but would like to stay away from plastic if possible.. How have these been working out for people?
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    Dual RoboBrew HERMS idea. Feedback welcomed!

    I was actually thinking about doing something very similar. I have a mash and boil and has been using it for the past few years with little to no issues. I found a hell of a deal on a 3V keggle gas system that I could not pass up. Currently my fermentation chamber can only support 1 5 gal batch...
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    Two questions re: all-in-one systems like robobrew/digimash, etc

    I’m in the same boat as you.. I currently have a 3V propane keggle setup and I’m thinking about downsizing just for ease of use/making the brew day simpler. Life has gotten busy and if I was able to do some chores around the house while brewing I think the wife would stop giving me dirty looks...
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    Upgrade to All Grain with All-In-One

    Great glad to hear it! Helping me get closer to pulling the trigger!
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    Upgrade to All Grain with All-In-One

    How has it been treating you?? I’ve owned the 120v Mash and Boil for a couple years and have been looking into going with a 10gal (Yield) EBIAB system and I just can’t seem to give the competeing units the time of day with the very appealing price point of the brewzilla. My only concern is the...
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    New Jersey 10+ Gallon eHerms System, SSbrewtech Chronical, Lamotte and more!

    Hi do you know the interior dimensions of the freezer or the model of it so I can find them? Thanks!
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    Brewer's Edge Mash & Boil

    Also interested in this. I changed some numbers around to mimic the last recipe that I did but have not tried the equipment profile on a new brew so I’m not sure if it’s accurate. Would love to see what other people have used for it.
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    I want to go into All-Grain

    Take into consideration the grain bills that you’re going to be brewing also! I know a lot of the smaller systems have grain bill limits and can be close to maxed out if you’re looking to brew some heavy brews. I’ve been using my Brewers Edge Mash and Boil for quite a few brews now and am...
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    Brewer's Edge Mash & Boil

    Ok maybe the calculator that I was using from morebeer was for batch sparking then? Since the numbers that you indicated are similar to what that calculator said. When I used a calculator from homebrewing.com t came out much closer to the actual amounts that I used and ended up with. I used 4...
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    Brewer's Edge Mash & Boil

    Yeah I agree I know it’s all different depending on the system that I’m using. I did realize my boil off number was slightly off I had it estimated at .5 gal per hour when it’s really closer to 1 gal per hour. I’ll Deff have to check out that app. Thank you. 13lb grain bill By the math: 4...
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    Brewer's Edge Mash & Boil

    I don’t think that they do. I’ve just been using a few different online calculators and always come up short (which is better then having too much since I can always just add a bit more water to the sparge) but I’d obviously like to be able to have some correct calculations before starting the...
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    Brewer's Edge Mash & Boil

    Hi everyone! I’ve been using the Mash and Boil for a few batches now and now that I’m trying to “perfect” my beers a little bit more I’ve been starting to pay more attention to mash/spare volume and pre and post boil gravitates in a effort to make more consistent beers. The one issue that I’ve...
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    New York Blichmann Hellfire

    I should be around today late afternoon maybe around 5-6ish if that works for you. I can come to you or meet you somewhere. Up to you. Thanks.