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    Sanitized with clorox bleach but didn’t rinse

    Hopefully it was not a scented version of the bleach?
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    Help needed - Mashtun & kettle scorching on Polsinelli system

    Hello everyone! I have a 300 liter Polsinelli brewing system that uses gas burners. Both the mash/lauter tun and kettle have somewhat thin bottoms (it is new from 2018 but I have not used it yet). I have heard from other people with the same system that they get a lot of scorching in both the...
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    Scaling up a recipe?

    Thanks, I will give that a try.
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    Scaling up a recipe?

    Well, I am going from an immersion chiller to a professional plate/frame chiller. I do not yet know how long it will take to chill with the plate and frame as I am using municipal water for both (water is around 5°C in winter, 8°C in summer, which will impact chilling times), but I imagine given...
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    Scaling up a recipe?

    Hi All, I'm going from a 50 liter system to a 300 liter system and am wondering about scaling-up my recipes. I have read on some online magazine websites / brewing software pages where they talk about hop utilisation being increased in a larger system. However, I was wondering if anyone had...
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    Best time to add coconut

    As already mentioned, coconut itself has a lot of fat in it, which is the enemy of the head / foam. I also have a doubt that you will get a pronounced coconut flavour from desiccated coconut (if you taste desiccated next to fresh, you may see what I mean). Were I in your shoes, I would only use...
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    Bottling with priming sugar BUT without oxygen ? Do you think the yeast will eat the sugar ?

    Oxygen is the scourge of fermented beer, normally to be avoided at all costs post-fermentation, so much so that oxygen scavaging bottle caps are a thing.
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    Dark Candi sugar, how much is too much ?

    I've built a recipe to make a good English bitter, looking for 3.8% ABV, a good tasting session beer... I have all the ingredients, will be brewing that soon / for the summer.
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    Dark Candi sugar, how much is too much ?

    Thanks! I'll give my recipe a try! Interesting to hear you use Magnum with it, I have some in stock (left over from my Christmas beer). I'll use that for bittering, and something else in the nose (have tons of things in stock) Thanks again for your inspiration!
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    Dark Candi sugar, how much is too much ?

    Thanks, I have already done that, it seems 250g in a 40 liter batch will give something not too dark. I guess I will be experimenting.
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    Coors lite Clone Recipe

    One would think Coors Light would contain some adjuncts such as pregelatinized corn or rice...
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    Dark Candi sugar, how much is too much ?

    Thanks guys, well I guess I am trying to replicate Kwak, rather than a Tripel. I have made a light Tripel using beet sugar. It works fine, I just don't want to overdose the dark candi sugar (which I purchased a long time ago and am looking to get rid of). Thanks, H
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    Another Pumpkin Beer ( Hello Gourd-geous)

    I made a few pumpkin ales +/- 20 years ago, roasted the pumpkin in the oven, removed flesh from the skin, added to mash tun.... Talk about a stuck-sparge! I was underwhelmed by the pumpkin flavour, the cinnamon and clove never made it through (really). It was "ok", but I never repeated it. To...
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    Dark Candi sugar, how much is too much ?

    Somewhat for the colour, but also I am trying to avoid a cloyingly-sweet caramelized flavour. Grain bill is 9.5kg of pale malt, 1.5 of CaraRed, 1.5 CaraMünch Typ 1 and 1kg of wheat malt.
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    Dark Candi sugar, how much is too much ?

    I'm looking to brew a Tripel and would be using dark (425 EBC) Candi sugar for the first time. I am currently looking at using a total of 1kg of candi sugar for a 42 litre brew. Would a 50%/50% split between dark and clear candi sugar be too much in terms of the dark candi sugar ? Thanks for...