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    Fermentation for Berlinerweisse - Specifically 3191

    To be honest, I've made quite a few of berliner weisse's and I've had good luck with this method. Brew batch as normal, cool to ~90-100 degrees, and pitch your lacto put on low heating pad for 1 day @ end of first day take off of the heating pad morning day 2 pitch ale yeast (wyeast 1007 is...
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    How do you guys calculate for trub loss?

    Generally just make 5.5 gallon batches instead of 5.
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    Collecting force carbonated soda recipes:

    At the homebrew shop I used to work at, we constantly had soda on tap for the customers. Here's one of my favorite recipes: 1 bottle Zatarans rootbeer 3.4-4.5#'s of sugar (depending on how sweet you want it) .5# Maltodextrine .5# Lactose Add all to a keg with hot water, shake to dissolve...
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    Fermentation for Berlinerweisse - Specifically 3191

    You can secondary or not, it's up to you. I've done sours with and without secondary. Generally, I think most people let the primary fermentation run it's course, then throw it in the secondary for however long (~3months for my Berliner Weisse's). Also, I typically ferment all sours at room...
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    Stabilizing Sour to not funk up kegerator!

    I mean I don't see why it wouldn't work...I do it all the time for backsweetening wines and ciders. Hmm, anyone else tried this?
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    Stabilizing Sour to not funk up kegerator!

    I'm thinking about making some all brett beers using wyeast 3110 or wlp645 inspired by Wild Brews and want to keg them instead of my normal bottling of sours. With that said, has anyone stabilized their sours with either sulfite or sorbate with good results? I don't want to funk up my beer...
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    Barleywine Issues

    Alright, here's the deal. I wouldn't pitch the champagne yeast unless you get a stuck fermentation or you age for a long time in the secondary. There should be plenty of yeast left around to carb the beer after only 1.5 months. However, if you did want to use the champagne yeast to dry the beer...
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    Can non-converted Igloo cooler work as a mash tun?

    lol, I don't see why not. That's actually an ok idea.
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    any good IPA extracts?

    Jeez, Yoop is so full of herself... J/k
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    Sorghum Brew

    I'm pretty sure that this recipe is a tried and true http://www.brewingwithbriess.com/Assets/PDFs_Recipes/Briess_HoppytobeGlutenFreePaleAle_Aug2007.pdf
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    Converting an Imperial Recipe in half

    Right, but what I'm thinking is that it would be over the top roasty if I were to use the same amount of specialty malts as the original clone has don't you think?
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    Converting an Imperial Recipe in half

    Alright, I already posted a thread with my recipe and asking for critiques here https://www.homebrewtalk.com/f12/help-my-yeti-imperial-stout-session-beer-231328/, but what I was wondering is how you would convert a recipe like the original one, an imperial stout, to a session beer. With that...
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    Help with my Yeti Imperial Stout Session Beer

    Alright, I love Yeti by Great Divide, but I already have two big beers to last me a while, so I decided to take the Yeti Clone that BYO did a few years ago, and basically cut it in 1/2 to make a yeti inspired session stout and here's what I came up with: Recipe Specifications...
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    How much does a 5# CO2 cylinder weigh?

    +1 Usually I'll push and carb around 6 kegs with one 5 lb co2 tank granted I'm not doing anything crazy like filling empty kegs with Co2.