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    Preferred software for brewers

    I've been using BeerSmith for a couple years now, on and off. Used Brewfather for a while, and loved it. But ever since BS came out with their web version recipe editor, I find it generally easier to use, only because I am already used to using BS. I like it's layout more that BF. Brewfather...
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    What do you do with your spent grains?

    Toss them on top of my flower bed. Looks nice.
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    Refractometer help

    Curious about this difference, from reading a lot of reviews from the cheap refractometers on Amazon, it seems that most of the SG scales are off... is it even worth getting a dual scale? Or do most people just convert the Brix?
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    Post your infection

    Thanks for the tips!
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    Post your infection

    It was about 4-5 wks in primary. Used a brew bucket for the first time. This is my 8th AG batch and first infection. About two weeks ago, I tasted it and it was good but had some fusel alcohols, also didn’t have room in my fermentation chamber so it’s the first one to ferment in ambient room...
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    Post your infection

    ESB... not sure if this is remnants of a pellicle or not.... as I lifted it out of the freezer, I knocked it around a bunch so it may have broken up whatever it is...
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    Marking Bottles Without Labels

    Sharpie on cap is my go to, but I’m thinking of using wire or twine and hanging labels... could make for a nice gift.
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    Help understanding mash tun deadspace vs deadspace loss

    Finished my brew day yesterday, this formula worked like a charm. Yielded the exact amount that I was expecting. Also, as a plus, nailed my OG as well. Thanks again.
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    Help understanding mash tun deadspace vs deadspace loss

    This is very helpful, thanks! Have a total of 8.1 gals, so I'll split it 4 & 4. Was mainly worried about the large space below the false bottom and not ending up with enough water on mash-in. But this should work.
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    Help understanding mash tun deadspace vs deadspace loss

    I realize now that my original question was a round-about way of asking the following. I'm going to back-up my process here. As I still don't understand the amount of strike water I need, I'm going to give up on the software until I can understand it better. I have 7 lbs 4 oz of grains...
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    Help with BeerSmith mash tun deadspace recoverable vs loss

    Hi everyone, (Sorry repost, posted in beginners but recommended I post here) I'm trying to set up an equipment profile in BeerSmith, and I'm struggling with some terms. A quick history: had my first all-grain brew day about a month ago, and I have an igloo cooler style mash tun, with false...