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    Does UV light kill wild airborne yeast?

    UVC (wavelength ~254nm) is very effective at killing bacteria, yeast, etc. fairly quickly. A wand like below could probably be used if you are having contamination issues, but diluted bleach would probably be easier.
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    PH meters

    has worked really well for me so far. comes in a nice little case with the buffers. also replacement electrodes aren't too expensive
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    PH meters

    I use this pH and Conductivity Testers
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    Keggle Drilling Problems

    a knockout punch makes this job a little bit easier and will leave a clean hole. Punch,Knockout,Round,7/8 In - Knockout-Hole Punches - Electrical Tools - Hand Tools : Grainger Industrial Supply
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    Beer in new Hampshire and Maine??

    i would definitely recommend woodstock inn if possible to make it there. also, the strange brew in manchester has a pretty good selection of beers. i would make sure to try the harpoon IPA, also both shipyard and long trail are worth trying while in the area
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    Sight glass trimming?

    tubing cutter worked well for me
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    anybody made 2 hole stoppers?

    one thing i've seen for cutting balsa wood is to file the edges of a copper pipe really sharp, put it into a drill press and use high speed. might work for rubber too?
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    Does anyone know of a good water tester?

    i would be careful ordering anything from that place. i had to go through my bank to cancel an order there, and there were a few other similar complaints with the better business bureau i found.
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    Distilled same as steril? Use with without boilding for washing yeast?

    Distilled water has no mineral content, but I don't believe that distilled water is marketed as sterile. You can buy sterile water but it will probably be insanely expensive and is usually only used in dialysis, operating rooms, etc... Sterile just means that it is completely free of microbes...
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    DIY Hop Filter Video

    You could try installing the diptube without the mesh, then plug the diptube with your finger once the pump is primed.
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    Houston Craigslist

    I apologize, this is the correct link Homebrew Equipment
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    Houston Craigslist

    MOD EDIT: link corrected Homebrew Equipment
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    Recipe Critique - American Red Ale

    Hi All, Am taking a stab at an American style red ale, if anybody has any suggestions please feel free to comment. Thanks for the help For 5.5 gallon batch @ 70% efficiency OG: 1.050 FG: 1.013 SRM: 14 Bitterness: 31 IBU 8 lb Vienna Malt (73%) 2.25 lb Melanoiden Malt (20%) 0.5 lb...
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    Who here uses coleman xtreme cooler for a MLT?

    I noticed the same problem when I first started using one. I put a dish towel in between the lid where it closes (near the handle). This seemed to be the place that steam was coming out most. With preheating there is no problem holding temperature for an hour.
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    Best Refrigeration Unit for a Ferm. Chamber

    I would say there really is no reason to have two separate peltier units for heating and cooling, although it could depend on your temperature controller. The real beauty of a Peltier junction is that all you need to change from heating to cooling is to switch the current direction. As far as my...