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    Cold IPA

    I legit thought it was a typo, and maybe meant Gold or Golden IPA. I will say it does sound interesting.
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    Less Salt for Long Boil?

    So, to piggy back...when figuring out ion concentrations, the mash....does it take into account the boil or is it strictly the mash?
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    Boil off rates

    I'm using a 20 gallon kettle with 5500w element and I also boil with the power around 55%. I boil off a gallon over the course of an hour.
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    50%off discount — Only $9.49 can get a pair grill BBQ gloves.

    Sounds good to me! Can't wait for them to arrive!
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    adding steeped grain to finished beer

    You also have to keep in mind that grain contains a ton of micro organisms on them that could potentially sour/spoil the beer. It's sort of like combining flour and water to make a sourdough starter....whatever wild yeast there is on the flour spontaneously ferments and creates your own starter...
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    Ways to Terminate Fermentation at a Desired FG?

    I would mash on the higher side as well. 156-160 depending on what your recipe calculator is telling you. I've done this before with NEIPA's to have the FG finish in the 1.020-1.025 range without the use of lactose.
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    No Old Fezziwig Ale in this years SA Holiday brews

    If it helps your craving, it's now in their Beers for Cheers pack!
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    Fermented hot pepper sauce

    I'd say I'm about 99% back to my normal smell and taste. There's been recent times when I've had my favorite foods and they taste like I remember them so that's great. Da Bomb isn't a sauce that I'd put any anything on a daily basis however it's fun to have friends try when they come over for...
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    Motorized Mash Stirrer

    How are you doing with draining your mash tun with that false bottom set up? I have something simliar however with silicone tubing instead of a hard line and with just water, it drains the mash tun fine. However in actual use, it doesn't drain out as much as I would like.
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    Fermented hot pepper sauce

    Well, a big reason for it is from going through covid and losing my taste and smell. The only thing I could pick up was extreme saltiness/sweet or anything spicy. So when I couldn't taste anything else, hot sauce went on anything and everything. That evolved into watching Hot Ones at night...
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    Fermented hot pepper sauce

    I'm glad I found this thread. I recently got into making my own hot sauces and currently doing my first fermented one. Previously I fire roasted half a pound of habanero's, along with a red pepper, half an onion and 4 garlic cloves. Once roasted, I threw those into the blender with 3 fingers...
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    New England IPA "Northeast" style IPA

    Looks great! What was your malt bill for this one?
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    Newbie CO2 questions

    I keep a bottle of soapy water around just to check for leaks. My most recent one was an ever slow leak from the keg lids PRV...which took about 2 weeks for it to deplete a 5lb bottle. However, with some spraying and very close watching, I noticed bubbles coming from the PRV, which ended up...
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    I made this!!!

    I finally felt that about mine after I got into water chemistry. Once I learned that and started to brew with RO Water and build water profiles, I immediately went and re-brewed all my favorite recipes to see how much they would improve and improve greatly they did. It's to the point where...
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    Brew room design questions

    Great progress so far! I'll definitely be watching to see this get finished.