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    Texas Getting out of the hobby.

    Getting out of the hobby and will be selling my herms system along with a few things I am listing now. (Houston area) 6x 5gallon ball kegs. $50 each. They all hold pressure. Not sure on shipping these, but would be exactly what it cost. (no inflating shipping costs) One of the kegs is not...
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    New 10 Gallon Herms! Pics!

    I am getting out of the hobby and have this system. I will be posting it up in the for sale section hopefully soon. I have the excel spreadsheet formula also if anybody needs it.
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    New 10 gallon Rubbermaid/Gott $57.95 shipped

    x2 this is how I got mine. I got 5 bucks off due to a store closing also.
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    The God#%!$ Cops Thread

    Did you have your glass of DEE DE DEEE this morning? LOL
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    HERMs operation and end of mash

    Yeah I would like to know which is better also . I wonder if cutting off the recirc before mash ends and getting a head start on hlt mash out temp would be the key?
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    Kettle fired up!!

    Good to see you here, I am on that site as Daveisgrea1980. LT1 powa!
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    Swine Flu

    sorry for the typo:cross: Not going to disagree, but where is has it been shown to be weaker? I would like to read more on these studies.
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    Swine Flu

    Please delete double post.
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    Swine Flu

    Yeah but your body cannot fight this flu via immune system near as well as the others. In other words your way more likely to die if you get it, irregardless how many die from the normal strain.
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    How Can I get rid of that smell ?

    the car or the smell? Bada bum seeee!
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    Rachael Ray in HD

    MA! MA! :cross:
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    Where to drink in Austin, TX?

    What? Are you serious? You could even sprint to Ed Worts palace. I am willing to bet Austin has more to drink than the average state.
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    Keep the pooch far away, as they will kill him.
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    When to refrigerate starter?

    Well you want to make sure it has fermented out completely, then you can put in fridge to put yeast back into dormancy. Brew day bring them up to fermentation temp to ease stress before pitching them into wort Yeast are way tougher than what I have thought. I have left mine out on a...