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    Mini Mash - missed OG........

    Hey Y'all. I just brewed up a AHS Creamy Smoked Amber Ale mini-mash kit today and my target OG was supposed to be 1.055, however I ended up w/ a 1.042 @ 78°F. Oh boy. The only hiccup I had in the whole process was that during the mash when I accidently let the temp get up to almost 170°F while...
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    Starter interrupted..........

    I began a yeast starter for an AHS kit yesterday afternoon w/ every intention of brewing today. Unfortunately, something has come up that will force me to postpone brewing until at least Wed. Did I mention I already have a starter going? My question is: What do I do w/ my starter? Can I let...
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    Best Recipe Kits

    +1 on the AHS kits. I just brewed their Cali Common Ale and it turned out great!
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    Whirlpooling question

    Thanks! That's just the info I was looking for. I figured it would prolly be that simple, but some confirmation was nice.
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    Whirlpooling question

    What's up y'all! I'm not really a noob to brewing, but I sure am to this technique. So riddle me this: When whirlpooling after chilling the wort, is there a rule of thumb how vigorous of a rotation you should get going to allow the trub to collect in the center of the brewpot (i.e.: how long...
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    Getting ready to brew a cream ale, tips?

    I saw that recipe. Keep us posted how it turns out!