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    Used keezer, deal or no deal?

    If the keezer you would DIY is in the basement or garage and doesn't need to be a show piece, then you can cobble together a 9" tall collar from a sheet of cheap 3/4" plywood and 4 9" pieces of 2x4's for the inside corner pieces. you don't need to glue it. just get a couple of clamps to hold...
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    Used keezer, deal or no deal?

    my sister and B-I-L were cleaning out their house to sell it. B-I-L made a "picker's table' out of a 4x8 sheet of plywood and 2 sawhorses. the pickers took everything on the table, then took the plywood and the sawhorses.
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    English yeast...wy1469 or A09

    thanks. what level of carbonation did you shoot for the in the 1.079 stout? which side of the great debate are you on--cane sugar vs corn sugar for priming?
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    English yeast...wy1469 or A09

    did you carb the stout with sugar in the keg? then let it sit at 68F for a week as the other beer you referenced in this post? I'm making my first imperial stout and it has been in secondary for about a month. it's ready to keg. I don't use beer gas, but straight N2 to push through the stout...
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    Why I do secondary fermentation

    I am glad to follow the advice to skip secondary and rack right to my keg. my potentially dumb question is should I let the keg sit at cellar temperature for a few weeks, depending on the beer, or put it right into the kegerator and let it age there?
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    Beer sickly sweet after priming and bottling - is this normal?

    very handy link. thanks for posting it!
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    Beer sickly sweet after priming and bottling - is this normal?

    you will be able to use your refractometer on brew day to measure the strength of your wort, but not after fermentation. a refractometer measures sugar levels. after fermentation, the readings won't be accurate due to the alcohol content without doing some corrections. best to buy a...
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    might have racked CBS clone to secondary too soon

    yes. I discovered in my post-brew day research that the real thing is 11+. had I known that, I still would have gone for 8-ish. we'll see how it tastes.
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    might have racked CBS clone to secondary too soon

    thanks. I will leave it alone. I had planned to let it sit in secondary for a couple of weeks, then add 2oz of whiskey-soaked oak chips for a week, then 4oz of dark roast coffee beans for about 4 days. then keg it.
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    might have racked CBS clone to secondary too soon

    I am making my first "big" beer after years of home brewing. I found a clone recipe for Canadian breakfast stout that was just a list of ingredients, not method. I mashed at 153F and my OG was 1.080. following my typical practice, I racked to secondary after the bubble rate in primary was...
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    WTB Better Bottle spigot assembly

    I have a ported better bottle but over the years I've lost part of the spigot assembly. does anyone have the complete assembly for sale? thanks
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    What I did for beer today

    could you please share your recipe for the Dark Mild? thanks!
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    Adding gypsum

    a potentially dumb question: I use BrewSmith to calculate mineral additions to my RO water. some of the salts are very soluble, but some are not. do you just agitate the treated water as best you can to suspend the undissolved salts and then use it as mash and sparge water, assuming that the...
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    Outdoor Propane Burner Advice Needed.

    as you found, a BTU is a unit of heat. so while you see burners rated in BTU, they are actually rated in BTU/hr. so to heat your 7 gallons to boiling on a cheap turkey fryer burner, often rated at 10,000 btu/hr, it takes close to an hour, as another poster had noted. as for refills, we have...
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    How long is fermentation temp a big issue?

    neat system! which model inkbird, and what kind of recirc pump do you use? thanks