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    What's your occupation: Engineer or Non-Engineer

    I am a student....a Nutrition and Dietetics student...WHO LOVES TO DRINK BEER :mug: Beer is good for you....it uses whole grain right??
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    Regulator says I need a tank refill?

    Ok, I just moved it up to about 12-14 psi then. Now, I dont know if I opened it to fast or what but it shot up to about 20 for a second until I turned it off and then back on. Thats not going to over carb my beer and give me too much foam right? I know there is a whole thread on force carbing...
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    Regulator says I need a tank refill?

    EDIT: Train beat me to it. But you got exact same answers from each of us. Should be a good consensus right? Haha, yes. Thanks to both of you, at this point I am feeling like I need all the help I can get.
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    Regulator says I need a tank refill?

    Thanks Train, thats good to know. Maybe I'll take your advice and just cover it so I dont look at it/worry about it anymore. I have the keg set at about 10 psi in the fridge now. I think I have read that letting it sit around 12 psi is good for carbing right? Just wanna make sure my beer is...
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    Regulator says I need a tank refill?

    Hey guys and gals, Ok, I am VERY new to kegging. Just started kegging today, but even after all the videos I have watched, I still feel as though I am at a loss. I guess I am just looking for some straight forward responses (please---none that say I am failing miserably at homebrewing :( )...
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    Beer with Viagra?

    Hey guys/gals, I didnt know if you had seen this or not so I figured I would post it. Made especially for the royal wedding... :mug: http://www.foxnews.com/health/2011/04/19/new-british-beer-laced-viagra/?test=faces
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    Movie Quote game

    Animal House "Roads? Where we're going we don't need roads..."
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    Anyone in or around Greensboro NC...

    Hey everybody, I am just putting this out there for anyone in or around Greensboro that would be interested in getting together with me and a couple of my friends to brew once a month or so. We are our own little homebrew club and would love to expand to get some new "members" (honestly just...
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    Looking for Bitches Brew in Richmond VA

    I think he meant Theobroma (i think thats how you spell it) Edit: Dogphish beat me to it
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    Looking for Bitches Brew in Richmond VA

    I work at Bestway in Greensboro NC (look us up on beeradvocate and ratebeer). All I can really tell ya is that they HAVE sent out the second batch and that it is available at our store but in extremely limited quantities. I thought it was a good beer, but not up to the hype that everyone has...
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    Everyone i need help....now!!!

    Hey everybody, thanks for the input on everything. I figured it would still be drinkable but I just wanted some veteran input on what to do. I can post pictures of it, but when I preview the post they are HUGE. My girlfriend and I are going to bottle the beer anyway per your orders (hah) and...
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    Everyone i need help....now!!!

    Hey everybody, I am pretty sure I screwed up my beer. I think it has a bacterial infection, and although I don't want to throw it out, I don't want to be drinking it and getting sick or anything. I am gonna try and get pics up of it soon but i am gonna try to explain it the best I can for now...
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    For My grandpa...my first brew...

    My grandfather taught me everything I needed to know about beer (leaving out how to make it)....but this beer is dedicated to him. I love you granddad and this beer is for you :mug:
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    Anyone in/around Greensboro NC interested??

    It's all good...I am a student at UNCG so I have more free time then I want because it is summertime. I will let you know whats up when I get some more people together to see what they want to do. My email is [email protected] in case you want to get in touch with me to swap beer or brew or...
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    Anyone in/around Greensboro NC interested??

    I am glad I got a response from someone so quickly. Whats your email address so I can get in touch with you? I already have one other guy who said he would be interested as well so maybe we can get this thing going asap when we get a couple more guys. Are you brewing/waiting for anything in...