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    How many gallons of mead, 2021

    Have two 1G batches in secondary and just started two more 1G batches today, all traditionals. Interested to see in how they all come out, as I've not used these honey varietals before (fireweed, scotch broom, and snowberry)
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    How many gallons of mead, 2021

    We're all just being shy!
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    "Bocheglin" - Spiced Bochet

    Generally looks good, and congrats on your first recipe! A few overall thoughts and advice: I think by saucepan you meant crockpot? Checking to clarify: honey expands dramatically while bocheting and doing that in a regular saucepan could lead to overflows or worse. Unless you were adding a...
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    Yeast recommendations please

    Most yeasts won't ferment below their minimum temperature, so most likely you'll see zero activity for D47 below 59F.
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    Yeast recommendations please

    I'm not a fan of EC-1118, but that's a personal thing. K1V is actually great for traditionals, at least when fermented at warm enough temps that it isn't kicking out esters. I recently started using D47 for my traditional meads though and it has been quite excellent. Very fast fermenter, keeps...
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    BuckWheat Mead

    This thread was resurrected fortuitously! I'm actually planning on making three batches with buckwheat (a traditional, a chouchen, and one split between buckwheat and acacia) once my fermenters free up in about two weeks time. It'll take a while before things are ready to taste-test, but I can...
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    Beginner questions about yeast

    The CS Mead youtube channel is a bit... controversial among mead makers. I personally would recommend other resources (Man Made Mead, Homebrewtalk, the r/mead subreddit) that are far less likely to give you bad advice. SimPilot gives solid advice on the process and nutrient schedule, which...
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    First homebrew recipe for melomel - am I overdoing the herbs/spices?

    Much appreciated to you both! Sounds like I should definitely leave the blueberries in primary for longer and use a very limited amount of the herbs/spice to start with for secondary via a tea bag (maybe 1/3 tsp of whole thyme leaves?), and increase later if needed. For checking the flavor, do...
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    First homebrew recipe for melomel - am I overdoing the herbs/spices?

    I've recently gotten into mead making recently. Most of my batches so far have been traditionals and cysers, but I had an idea for a melomel that I'm excited to try out and want to get some feedback on. Recipe: 2.5 pounds clover honey Water to one gallon 4 pounds frozen blueberries 1 vanilla...