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    Recipe feedback/ideas for belgian with saffron?

    I would cut down the saffron. 2g of saffron is really quite a bit, it's a really strong flavor. Dogfish head makes Midas Touch with saffron. Here's a link to a post for a clone recipe out of Sam's book. It uses 10 saffron threads for a 5gal batch...
  2. Double_D

    What do you see in these photos? Infection? Sediment?

    I'd say you might have a little something in there other than sacc but it is hard to be sure... As far as I know, PET has low permeability but what we're usually concerned with is O2. What did you use to clean and sanitize your bottles before filling? Have you tasted one?
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    Need some advice for my brew day

    I'd second this.
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    First time pils noob

    +1 on this. This is what I like to do. Like @MattyHBT said, pitching heavy is a good thing. Depending on where you're reading the pitching rate is basically double that of an ale fermentation and it looks like you did just fine on that part. With my lagers, I don't think they're ever lagged...
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    No Chill in Bucket into Fridge?

    Generally speaking, I wouldn't want to put hot wort directly from the boil into my plastic fermenters. Even though they are food grade, I spent some good money on my brew cubes. That said, I will get my wort as cool as my ground water will allow (usually to about 90 or slightly below) and then...
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    Adding flavoring

    If you could I'd let it age out for a bit. You might find that as the hops mellows and the beer comes together and smooths out, there is a little more malt or caramel than you're tasting now. Next time you could try steeping an oz or two of whichever crystal malt you like in your brewing water...
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    New to home brew

    Or ten gallon batches!:D Welcome to the hobby.
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    How many gallons of homebrew in 2017?

    4,016.6 +20 gallons of DIPA +20 gallons of hefe +10 gal cream ale +10 gal of Belgian Tripel = 4,076.6
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    So who's brewing this weekend?

    Boiling a hefe currently
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    Any way around tying up fermenter while lagering

    There's an exbeeriment on using 34/70 at room temp...I'm on my phone or I'd provide the link
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    Great score!

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    Beer advent calendar - what stands out to you?

    I haven't seen any of them so if there's anything you don't want to try send them my way! Vegas apparently is missing out.:mug:
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    So when you guys say mill very fine...

    My mill gap is set to .032. So, a little flour but generally a nice consistent crush with little pieces and intact husks. Just saw you posted in BIAB...soo...I actually have no idea what's appropriate for the bags but regardless, that's what works for me.
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    Stout faucet with shank assembly recommendation?

    I have this one: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000BO1KFY/?tag=skimlinks_replacement-20
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    How many gallons of homebrew in 2017?

    Working on brew #1 for this year + 10 gallons of german pils. =15 gallons