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    Has Anyone Tried Rogue Dead Guy Whiskey?

    I have a bottle sitting here that a friend was kind enough to get for me while at the brewery/distillery. It is amazing!! I have to say as a brewer, spirits are not my specialty.. However I have had many whiskeys and this is by far one of the smoothest/ best I have had. I was really surprised to...
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    First wort hopping...again

    I have experimented with FWH on multiple occasions, and it seems to add lots of aroma to my brews. I think you are right about it emulating a 20 min. addition, but I think it adds significant aroma. I have never tried it on a traditional german lagger, so I cant answer if thats where it came...
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    Perlick Faucets

    I have read lots of threads on this forum discussing the differences between standard and Perlick faucets. Everywhere I have read it lists the Perlick a s being All stainless steel. Just before I ordered a set of them, I saw a replacement plastic valve for them. Can anyone tell me if a plastic...
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    White Labs vs. Wyeast

    I am just more familiar with whitelabs and most of my reliable beers use them. Also White Labs has a service that you can redeem yeast labels for yeast or other stuff. So for me White Labs.. but both are just as good as the other. -DIG
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    CO2 regulator, picture...

    I completely disagree, A high pressure gauge is absolutely necessary!!! Don't leave the tank and regulator in the fridge and it will be accurate. It is nice to know when you are about to scramble around to get you tank filled or exchanged. If you don't have a HPG I would recommend having a...
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    1 gallon fermentor idea CHEAP!!

    I have made a few batches of EdWorts Apfelwein and have loved every last drop of it. The last batch I did was this weekend (I have been using Motts apple juice for the batches) and just noticed that the containers Motts use are fairly sturdy and made of PTE plastic. These containers also accept...
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    Nervous about my 1st AG -- pls comment on my general plan

    You will be fine, you look well prepared. I think it took me at least one batch before I had a great AG. So go through with it, you wont know for a few weeks anyway. Next weekend brew another with what you learned this brew. That way you have backup brew just in case. -DIG
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    BeerSmith - BeerTools - Promash. - Which is best? What do you have?

    @ shay Not concerned about free.. lol this is an expensive hobby. I just want to make sure the software is worth it if im paying.. Thanks for the input!!! -DIG
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    How many gallons of EdWort's Apfelwein have been made?

    wow that's a lot of drinking.. THANKS EdWort!! 7472 + 6 = 7478
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    BeerSmith - BeerTools - Promash. - Which is best? What do you have?

    I am a mac user so unfortunately all of the options given are unusable by me. I currently use a free mac app, but I am looking at BeerAlchemy. Does anyone have experience with beer alchemy? -DIG
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    Rules for labels?

    I would be more worried about the ATF or whoever being mad for you giving away your brew. I think even giving it away is a violation in most states, unless it is an organized event. Im not saying this to scare you, just to say I think its the least of the potential problems. I just don't see...
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    Favorite MoreBeer recipe?

    Irish red is my favorite, It takes a little less time to mature then the Stouts too. -DIG
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    Regulator says CO2 tank is empty but it's still pushing beer

    I picked up a paintball tank and co2 adapter just for this reason. I have a 20# co2 tank and barely ever check it because I only serve and carbonate 2 kegs at any given time(lasts FOREVER). Once or twice that paintball tank setup has saved my rear! Since then I have assembled a regulator just...
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    EdWort's Apfelwein questions..

    thanks! trust me its not laziness, its gas I am getting ready to bottle batch 2 and want to get batch 3 going ASAFP. Its addicting ! Thanks again ED for an amazing brew!!! -DIG
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    EdWort's Apfelwein questions..

    Can you reuse the yeast cake from a previous batch, just as you would while making beer? I know you can only do this a few times (4 generations) but my LHBS is far enough away that the $0.70 yeast would cost me $10 in gas.. on a side note, edWort wasn't kidding when he said make another...