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  1. Dgallo

    American IPA "Northeast" style IPA

    What’s your dryhoping rate? There has been a lot of talk here over the past few pages that in my eyes is far too much for clean varietal specific profiles to show themselves. More hops is not always better and can actually mute and muddy the aroma and flavor. Granted there is more oils and...
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    Catastrophe/ you’re allowed to laugh lol

    Looks like it’s on for sure. Huge changes this year respectively but at least it’s on
  3. Dgallo

    American IPA "Northeast" style IPA

    I agree here. you have to release all pressure in a corny to open it and then having to push into the keg will create a current of air going in. Where as in conical or lmc lids open out so you can still have some positive pressure placed on it while you open If you have a quick disconnect on...
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    Catastrophe/ you’re allowed to laugh lol

    Maybe it’s a sign from the beer gods that it shouldn’t be entered lol
  5. Dgallo

    Catastrophe/ you’re allowed to laugh lol

    5 posts up
  6. Dgallo

    American IPA New England Style TIPA

    Galaxy, Mosaic, strata, maybe switch the ratio up a little and hit it with Sabro. Nothing will replace the Riwaka in the flavor profile but any of those will work well with Citra and Nelson
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    Catastrophe/ you’re allowed to laugh lol

    Lol if it were the kitchen floor I would have def tried to save it. Garage floor, no go
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    Catastrophe/ you’re allowed to laugh lol

    Since my wife is getting close to her due date, I decided I was going to brew two beers to be ready for nationals. I had my timing down perfect actually. I just hit 60 on mashing a schwarzbier and had 5 minutes from knockout on a NZ Pilsner.I typically use my driveway wall to set my mashtun on...
  9. Dgallo

    Catastrophe/ you’re allowed to laugh lol

    Well this will be fun to clean up....lol
  10. Dgallo

    ANYTHING by Aslin

    Just saw this posted in one of the beer groups I’m part of..... yes tht came out of the can. Well had to be squeezed out.
  11. Dgallo

    What came in the mail for you today?

    New forward sealing stainless faucets with flow control and the newish Tapcooler counter pressure filler that attaches directly to your tap. Here is the video of it if you want to check it out
  12. Dgallo

    Hop combinations and reviews.

    Thanks for sharing. I’m surprised this resulted in a resinous with pine profile with that combo. I’ve personally never gotten that from any of those hops when I’ve used or had beers with them. Maybe a strong earthy with Ekaunot but not resinous. El dorado is usually very fruit forward...
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    American IPA "Northeast" style IPA

    Nothing wrong with the hops but I’d add something to brighten it up a bit.
  14. Dgallo

    Who's smoking meat this weekend?

    Your wife and my wife definitely have the same sense of humors. her maiden name is Villa and my last name is Gallo, so when we would travel in Spanish speaking countries she would always set our reservations under Gallo-Villa which translates to Cock-House and can be taken as a brothel...she...