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  1. danielthemaniel

    Yeast Discs in Starter

    Post stirring
  2. danielthemaniel

    Yeast Discs in Starter

    Good call, I stirred it pretty well and broke apart the majority of the clumps. Looks normal now. Interesting the shape of the clusters. However, I dont think the shape of flocculation warrants any concern.
  3. danielthemaniel

    Yeast Discs in Starter

    I made a yeast starter today using White Labs English Cider Yeast. It has a best by date of 2/17/2021. I checked on the starter about 3 hours into it and saw these weird yeast discs. I've seen yeast flocculate together but the consistency of the discs is intriguing. I know it's probably just...
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    Homebrewers at Beer Festivals?

    We are a company comprised of 5 right knit members trying to create a coffee, beer and food establishment with a wide assortment of consumable products including homemade beer, cider, seltzer, coffee, energy drinks and a variety of foods. We have formed a relationship with the company...
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    You know you're a home brewer when?

    Some of you dont know what a warm, uncarbonated thick hop particulate and yeast slurry liquid blend tastes like and it shows 🤷‍♂️
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    What did not come in the mail today?

    I've had good success with Great Fermentations throughout the pandemic. Both curbside pick up and delivery have been quick and accurate. Perhaps a day or 2 more than usual on average.
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    Thc Brew

    I haven't yet but I'm planning to this summer. I was thinking of doing a west coast amber ale and adding 7 grams of bud. I planned on decarboxilation from a sous vide to retain the aroma. Then I plan on adding it directly to the keg. I'm curious to see how yours turns out! Any tips you can give...
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    Brewery Name Help Please!!

    Boys in Brew Funday Brewing Random Tandom Garage Guys Brew Co
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    Zombie Dust BJCP

    Awesome! I'm right there with you. I live off of Stop 11 and 135.
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    COVID19 + Work From Home = Brewing like a madman.

    Similar to normal. I'm working 60 hours a week as a grocery store manager but just started a 2 week leave due to the birth of our 2nd child. Keeping the routine of brewing a 10gal batch event 2 weeks.
  11. danielthemaniel

    Zombie Dust BJCP

    Agreed. Cover your bases. It really is between styles. I'm drinking the Zombie Dust clone from Zymurgy magazine but I did a 50% citra and 50% simcoe hop split. I've got it with all Citra as well. It walks the line between styles. I'd enter in both and see what the judges have to say. Use that as...
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    Always rinse your rice hulls!

    I stand by my statement. No one should be dictating how to do something without any supporting evidence. You should be free to do what you want without being belittled. I'm sorry if you feel differently. Just my opinion. His "evidence" was his dirty water. So at least there was an attempt to...
  13. danielthemaniel

    Always rinse your rice hulls!

    I don't believe it to be of use personally. It isn't something I will do. However, I have no right to dictate to other brewers how to brew. If it is something they find personal value in, then they should be able to do it. I certainly haven't conducted any research or testing into soaking rice...
  14. danielthemaniel

    Always rinse your rice hulls!

    Rinse them if you want. Don't rinse them if you want. There is more than one way to brew. If it works for you, then it's the right way to do it.
  15. danielthemaniel

    How did it all start?

    After consuming copious amounts of swill in high school and the early college days, a friend and I decided we wanted to venture into craft beer when we turned 21 and had a greater accessibility to purchase the beers of our choosing. Sample 12 packs of Leinie's, Sam Adam's and Dundee turned into...