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    stabilizer and aging

    First off, im a little new at the mead/wine biz. Ive done several batches of melomels but i still dont know if Im going about it the right way. My question is this: Do i need to stabilize the mead before bottling? If so, does it still benefit from bulk aging once the sorbate has been...
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    Recipe Critique/Suggestions - Peach Cobbler Ale

    Hey there! Well i made some changes as i brewed and i ended up with an amazing beer and i will be doing it again soon. So here are the modifications i made on the fly. The ingredients were brewed as posted, with the exception of the butterscotch candies, which i nixed on brew day. So i...
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    Champagne anyone?

    Great tips in there, thank you! I need to figure out how to get around using a counter pressure bottling device...
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    Champagne anyone?

    Well im not sure but i dont think so. I just see it as one extra transfer. From secondary to keg then keg to bottle. Maybe im missing something.
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    Champagne anyone?

    Well, i don't have any for you...but i am looking for some input on recipes and most importantly bottling. I did a 2 gallon batch of kiwi chard but i used champagne yeast and it has that sharp character, so i wanted to bottle it up as such. Here's the deal, i have a party at the end of the...
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    American Pale Ale Kona, Fire Rock Pale Ale (AG Clone)

    Outstanding recipe. Thank you sir! I did a test batch and loved it. Ill now be brewing it for my little brother's wedding in Kaui.
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    TDS Meter for cheap

    I found this on a deal site: Would this be useful to me enough to justify the few bucks to know how hard or soft my water is? Or should i just go get a water...
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    Kome Koji question

    I had a thought that i wanted to get some input on before i try it out. Do you guys think the Aspergillus will grow on oats instead of rice? I had this idea of trying a similar rice wine or Sake with oats as a substitute for rice. I think the whole process of either rice wine or Sake could...
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    Question on Sake yeast

    From all that i have read, true Sake yeast is a lager yeast. And i see that a short portion of the fermentation is at lager temps, but for the most part, the main fermentation is done at room temps. The reason i ask is this: Will my WLP705 yeast thrive and produce less off flavors at...
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    What's in your fermenter(s)?

    An expirimental mess of a Sake. Who knew that would be so damn complicated! Also peach melomel and vanilla metheglyn.
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    Jelly/Jam Wine

    Can anyone provide any tasting notes or thoughts on a jelly wine? Im thinking about giving it a go soon.
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    Wood-Aged Beer Pirate Strong Ale

    Had to come back and let everyone know that this is a killer recipe. Everyone should try this one at least once. Everyone who tastes it is in love.
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    Pineapple Pale Ale Recipe Critique

    Ive heard bad things about fermenting them... But i love pineapple and would love to encorporate this flavor as well. My plan is to carb up a Kona Fire Rock PA clone to about 10 and then release the pressure. Then crush up an over ripe pineapple and mix it into the carbed beer. Re...
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    Keg Lube substitute...

    Thanks Amandabab, apparently in your case its not been an issue, but ive heard petroleum based products will destroy rubber. Maybe these gaskets aren't real rubber so its not a problem. I was surprised to hear people use vaseline and similar products. I think it may not be as big of a deal as...
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    Keg Lube substitute...

    Great info, thanks! Ill make sure its silicone. I think it is its the clear stuff in the little flip top container.