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    Small batch all grain using an instant pot

    I’ve done a few 1 gallon BIAB brews in a 6 qt instant pot. Heated 4.5L of water up to 157F on Manual mode (lid on, about 20 mins to get to temp). Switched to Keep Warm mode as I placed bag in with about 900g grain (used a few different grains as in a typical all grain recipe). Covered for 45...
  2. carvetop

    serve and ferment from keg?

    I recently switched to 4.5G batches fermented in a keg using the clear beer draught system. Absolutely loving it. IPAs are brewed and served out of the same keg. Best I’ve made in 6 years of brewing.
  3. carvetop

    American IPA "Northeast" style IPA

    With much talk surrounding O2 ingress at various stages of the fermentation process, I thought I’d share my simple setup which drastically reduces the odds of problems due to oxidation. It works very well for all styles and particularly well for NEIPAs. Not groundbreaking but worth...
  4. carvetop

    Coriander and Orange Peel Amounts?

    Thanks for the replies! Looking back at the referenced thread, Wayne said that for a 15bbl batch, he used 90oz of ground coriander and 32oz of Valencia orange peel. A bit of math tells us that this works out to 0.19oz (5.5g) coriander per gallon and 0.07oz (2.0g) orange peel per gallon. For a 5G...
  5. carvetop

    Coriander and Orange Peel Amounts?

    This minuscule amount gives enough aroma in 5G? I like the idea of starting small and potentially adding more in solution.
  6. carvetop

    Coriander and Orange Peel Amounts?

    Thank you. I did see this one earlier but again, they seem to vacillate between oz and tsp freely which makes it very confusing as the multiple between the two measurements is large.
  7. carvetop

    Coriander and Orange Peel Amounts?

    Alright, please set me straight here... the wife wants a Blue Moon clone and I’m getting VERY mixed opinions as to the proper amount of spice for a 5G batch. I’m afraid that much of what I’m reading isn’t differentiating between oz and tsp when it comes to these additions. For those of you...
  8. carvetop

    Ph level

    You have very high alkalinity and would be best advised to either cut with reverse osmosis water or go 100% ro.
  9. carvetop

    Worst Commercial Beer You've Ever Had?

    Piton, the pride of St. Lucia. Didn't have many options while on our honeymoon and was forced to suck a few of these down. Terrible beer.
  10. carvetop

    Easy difficult to pick up infection while bottling?

    Alcohol and low pH tend to minimize infection risk to negligible levels. Not impossible but unlikely when using standard sanitation practices.
  11. carvetop

    I never calculate mash/sparge water volumes but I think I should

    You could try the following steps to get in the ballpark with volumes: 1) Determine desired pre-boil volume based (mostly) on evaporation during boiling. Let's say 6.5G for a typical 5G batch. 2) Determine an appropriate amount of water to mash with - I use 1.5qts/lb of grain (others will argue...
  12. carvetop

    Double IPA Lawson's Finest Sip of Sunshine Clone

    Use whichever you'd like. I've always preferred English yeast strains in super hoppy IPAs and I think it certainly elevates this recipe. However, if you like a cleaner American strain, go for it!
  13. carvetop

    The 2016 NHC - Results/Speculation Thread

    Gordon Strong judged one of my entries and said he would pay money for it. I nearly cried.
  14. carvetop

    Heady Topper Results From Ward Labs

    If we're going by the screenshot of the Alchemist's brew sheet (several pages back in this thread), the math indicates about 3.5g/gallon of brewing liquor. I treat the full volume of liquor used (not just mash liquor) so for an average 5 to 6 gallon batch, I'm using around 9.5 gallons which...
  15. carvetop

    Heady Topper Results From Ward Labs

    Go for the ridiculous gypsum addition. I recall an interview with Greg Noonan (Kimmich's mentor) in which he said they add so much gypsum to their brewing liquor that solubility becomes a concern.