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  1. Carolina_Matt

    Closed transfer to smaller keg

    You can buy one of these. Duotight Flow Stopper Automatic Keg Filler | MoreBeer
  2. Carolina_Matt

    Long time all grain brewer going back to extract and I'm glad I did.

    When I switched from extract to BIAB, I noticed an immediate improvement in my beer. I'm definitely glad I switched. But when Northern has their extract sales, I've been tempted to buy a 3-pack of the Dead Ringer IPA for ~$23/kit. I typically get my grains and water ready the night before so...
  3. Carolina_Matt

    35l or 65l Digiboil for BIAB 5 gal batches

    It all depends on your brewing and your budget. I have the smaller 120V digiboil with the neoprene sleeve and it works well for me for my 5gallon 1.050-1.060 batches, but it wouldn't work for everybody. If I had a 240V receptacle in my garage I would have done the 65L Digiboil, but it wasn't...
  4. Carolina_Matt

    New or used co2 tank

    I'd recommend trying to do what Deadalus did. Buy a 20 lb tank, but shop around. Depending on where you live, you should be able to find a used tank for well under $140 on craigslist or fb marketplace.
  5. Carolina_Matt

    Trouble filling SodaStream tank

    Out of curiosity, are you using an adapter like this? I'm looking into options for seltzer water, as I'm not satisfied with a carbonation cap, carbonation stone and 1L bottle. Too bad they don't have...
  6. Carolina_Matt


    If I'm reading it correctly, Voss is almost perfectly viable at 104 degrees?
  7. Carolina_Matt


    I made my first batches with Voss this weekend. I brewed a Blonde Ale yesterday, and I was surprised to hear bubbles within 4 hours. It's usually at least 24 hours and sometimes 2 days before I get it with Safale US05. I pitched 1/2 pack. I pitched at about 104-105 degrees, wrapped my...
  8. Carolina_Matt

    Electric brew kettle recommendations for BIAB noob

    I use the basic Digiboil with a neoprene jacket and I like it a lot. Set it to strike temperature, unplug it and add the Wilser bag and grains, mix it up, then cover with a moving blanket or sleeping bag for an hour. After the mash, lift the bag and start heating to a boil. It's inexpensive and...
  9. Carolina_Matt

    How do you Mash in w/BIAB?

    I grind directly into a wilser bag the day before brewing. I also get my water ready and set my digiboil for strike temperature before going to bed. When I wake up, I put the bag full of grains into my kettle, mix it with a huge whisk, then cover it up.
  10. Carolina_Matt

    10% off at Hops Direct Hops Direct has 10% off all orders plus free hops with each order. Code is 'hopsforpops'. I noticed they also had a few 2017 hops for free (although you have to pay for shipping). If you sort by lowest price, you'll see several varieties for free.
  11. Carolina_Matt

    Pressure fermentation in the same keg that the beer gets served from.

    After I pitch yeast, I don't put a gas post onto the keg right away. I put a 1/2" silicone tube directly into the keg opening, then into a growler with water on the bottom. It makes for easier cleanup, instead of having to clean out the gas post and ball lock connector.
  12. Carolina_Matt

    Where do you buy malt?

    The first time I bought Viking malt, 2 years ago, it was $7.99!
  13. Carolina_Matt

    Using 120v electric to pre heat mash and sparge water

    Is your water level too high or too low for the narrow level band? If it's too low, by how much? Maybe you can just add a little water, then take it out when you wake up. I have an Anova that I bought a few years ago, and it will go for much longer than 4 hours. There are some recipes that...
  14. Carolina_Matt

    How long does your brew day take with your electric systems?

    I made a 5 gallon BIAB batch yesterday with my 120v Digiboil. I started at 7:30 and was pretty much finished by the time my 11:00 meeting started (the only thing left to do was rinse off the chiller and a bucket - too bad the meeting didn't start at 11:03). So it was 3 1/2 hours. That's with...
  15. Carolina_Matt

    Does anyone buy yeast in bulk ?

    If you make a batch every other week, that's about 26 per year. You re-use yeast once, so you're using 13 packets per year. Each brick is a little over 40 packets, so you'd have about a 3 year supply. To me, it wouldn't really be worth it to save $1/batch if I had to go through the trouble of...