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    Maine Beer Co. Lunch IPA clone?

    I'm no expert, but personally I believe water can affect basically every aspect of beer, to at least some degree! Your recipe certainly doesn't look like it would give a beer with a full body, especially mashing at 148 F or so. Have you ever directly taken a mash pH? Once you get your water...
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    Maine Beer Co. Lunch IPA clone?

    I can't see the bittering addition making a difference; I'm sure it's fine to use whatever you'd like to the same IBUs. The acid malt is necessary for my water profile, but may not be for yours. Do you know your water profile?
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    Maine Beer Co. Lunch IPA clone?

    Hey guys, I recently posted on my blog about my attempt; recipe came from an apparent picture someone sent me months ago from the MBC brew log! I included a side by side with a fresh bottle, too; came out very close...
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    Maine Beer Company Dinner Clone

    FWIW, here's my attempt from last year. I followed their 6 lbs of hop per barrell for the dry-hop, and surprisingly, the beer came out not great at all. I suspect this is one of those times where you...
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    Maine Beer Co. "ZOE" Amber Ale Clone Attempt

    For anyone interested, I rebrewed my recipe as before, but with a bit of a twist. I wanted to make it a "session" version of Zoe, and aimed for about 4.5% ABV. Came out great again, tastes as good as the original, nice body, etc. Great hop presence with a supporting malt backbone. Baby Zoe it...
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    We no need no stinking beer gun...

    I've tried this approach several times, and still always have issues with foam. My bottles are cold, the line is 7 feet or so, headspace in keg purged, PSI very low at 2-4. Bottling wand shoved right into the picnic tap, but when I flip it open, stopper in the bottle, the entire beer line...
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    Hill Farmstead Double Galaxy

    I haven't tried Double Galaxy myself, but did brew a DIPA a few weeks ago with all-Galaxy hops. If anyone would like to take a look to see how it compares to what they have in mind...
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    American Pale Ale Russian River Row 2 Hill 56 Clone

    Well, call me another convert to this recipe. Despite the seemingly-low amount of hop additions (at least compared to a lot of other IPAs and APAs you see today), the beer was hoppy and delicious. Well-enjoyed by beer-geeks and non beer-drinkers alike...
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    Anyone try the double sunshine clone recipe from BYO?

    I finally got around to posting my tasting notes for my clone attempt: I really liked it, very tasty. Never had the real thing, though. I feel like this beer could have been hoppier... my hops could definitely have...
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    American Pale Ale Russian River Row 2 Hill 56 Clone

    Brewed this recipe a couple of weeks ago; curious to see how it turns out, as the hopping rates are low compared to so many other APAs out there now! Brew notes from my day are here:
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    Anyone try the double sunshine clone recipe from BYO?

    Ok, brewed the beer a couple of weeks ago, and racked to a keg and dry-hopped it two days ago. Posted my brew day notes on my blog: Hopefully it comes out nice; I'll be posting the tasting notes sometime...
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    Anyone try the double sunshine clone recipe from BYO?

    I brewed the Double Sunshine recipe from BYO last week; I'm doing a write-up on the brew day for my blog. Hopefully it'll be posted soon, maybe by the end of this week. Just thought I'd mention, for those of you who are (rightfully) skeptical of a lot of BYO clone recipes... I emailed Sean...
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    New York City 2014 NHC First Round

    Hey guys, Anyone happen to know if they normally post the results online for this? Sorry if it's a stupid question, but I've been trying to find out and have kind of been knocked around from website to website. The comp was over the weekend and ended Saturday, I believe. Thanks!
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    Alpine IPA clone

    Here are the tasting notes for my second clone attempt: Really tasty beer, but still lacks the super-hoppiness of the original. I figure it's probably due to technique... now that I have the proper equipment in...
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    Maine Beer Company "MO" inspired recipe

    Ok guys, finally got around to posting my tasting notes for my attempt: Pretty good, but I don't think it's there yet. Despite all the hops, I wanted it to be hoppier. Unfortunately, didn't have any fresh MO to...