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    Let's talk about 1 iTap to 4 kegs

    I forgot to included these two images to show how the inside works. So I just have a QD on the end of 6ft of tubing that can quickly connect to any keg. It makes it easy to clean as well as bottle. You will also see a plastic falling water jug in the keezer. I have the bottle waste going into...
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    Let's talk about 1 iTap to 4 kegs

    You could send a message to Boel's support on Instagram. FWIW, here is how I resolve the removals process for cleaning.
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    Do I understand this bulk grain thing correctly?

    Hi, Okay, so I'm seriously considering investing in bulk grain, but I want to make sure I understand the logistics as well as "what i will still need". Backstory: I was working downstairs in my (bare-bones) "tap room" and left the storage cabinet door open and a couple mice got in there and...
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    What is this in my new kettle?

    Old thread I realize, but just a follow up with an additional question. So, bought the aforementioned citric acid and passivated my kettle. Thanks for the input. Since then, according to their, I read that BKF also works as a passivating agent. Have you heard this and more specifically, have you...
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    Cleaning & sanitizing a pump

    Edit: deleted. I don't know what I was thinking. Hahaha
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    Cleaning & sanitizing a pump

    Hi, I have a couple of these pumps that I once used to circulate commercial truck anti-freeze in what was my attempt to build a DIY glycol chiller (didn't work) for my fermentation chamber. If I used a BLC (Craft Meister's to be exact) to clean it and then santize it, would I be able to use the...
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    How do I polish a used keg?

    Thanks for that detailed info! I've thought about that mirror finish and I'm impressed by it, but since these dispensing kegs are never really seen, I decided to go with Bar Keeper's Friend, a scotch bright pad and 400 grit wet/dry sandpaper. I may have been able to skip the sandpaper step...
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    How do I polish a used keg?

    Thanks, everyone! Cheers!
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    How do I polish a used keg?

    Excellent! That is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you!!
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    How do I polish a used keg?

    Hi, (Moderator, please move this thread to correct forum if I've posted in the wrong place.) Does anyone know how to clean/polish/buff a keg to make the stamped info more legible? Is it even possible? Thanks, Belgian Samurai
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    What do you do with the spent grain (from your mash)??

    Interesting timing of your question! I freeze mine for baking. I just posted my recipe for the best chocolate chip espresso cookies ever in the "Cooking & Pairing" forum. The freezer gives you about 6 months to decide what to do with them. I've also made banana nut bread with them, which...
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    What does head type tell me about my beer?

    Hi, So, as the title asks, how do I decifer the type of foam head on a beer? Rocky, creamy, etc. Here are 4 progress pictures of this very hoppy beer I just tapped. I am having issues with pouring a glass of foam and waiting for it to dissipate to be able to drink it. My keezer runs between...
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    The BEST choco-chip espresso cookies ever! (Spent grains)

    Hi, I recently baked some spectacular spent grain cookies. I still have 3 gallon bags worth of grain in the freezer from that brew day and I've made about 100 large cookies. This grain goes a long ways! If you're interested in a phenomenal cookie (that is also fibrous, so don't eat too many at...
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    Cream ale hops medley

    All grain; 5 gal 7# Rahr 2-row 3/4# Gabrinus honey malt 1/4# Belgian biscuit malt Kveik Voss Pressure fermented in 2 corny kegs using Trong's Spundit 2.0 Valve @ 25~30+ PSI at 94F~104F. The beer was done pretty quick. One quick note though, don't reference my temps and pressure, because though...
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    Cream ale hops medley

    I'm back to report the results. Where do I begin? The beer is good. Drinkable. Hoppy! GRAPEFRUIT! Dry finish (as in a "dry" cabernet). Grapefruit on the back end for a lasting finish. I am probably going to make an avocado salsa to pair with it to compliment the intense tart citrus flavors. I'll...