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  1. Beenym88

    Flow trouble

    I just bought everything I need to set up bleed ports off of Amazon hoping they come in soon to test it all out before the next brew day. Thanks for the advice
  2. Beenym88

    DDH Hazy DIPA constructive criticism

    I personally like some crystal in my NEIPA but at 5% or lower. My favorite neipa without looking it up is about 75% golden promise 2.5% C40 2.5% Munich 20% mix of flaked oats and flaked wheat that recipe paired with fruity hops is 👍🏻
  3. Beenym88

    Flow trouble

    It is all taken apart now so I could clean everything. There was not any clogging so it’s definitely air. I will take a picture during my next go at it. I definitely didn’t expect this part to be hard I thought everything would just flow. Damn you air!
  4. Beenym88

    Flow trouble

    No no bleed port I will have to look into that.
  5. Beenym88

    Flow trouble

    No it’s the red exchillerator even after I was done with the brew day I tried messing with it and still had a ton of trouble with it.
  6. Beenym88

    Flow trouble

    I had to bail out and use the immersion chiller today. I have not had much luck being successful with the CFC I keep running into this problem
  7. Beenym88

    Flow trouble

    Everything is open it just will not flow. I wanted to run the boiling wort through my CFC to sanantize it and nothing I do works I just don’t understand how it won’t come out.
  8. Beenym88

    Flow trouble

    So I’m currently brewing on my ss brewtech electric system and I cannot get wort to flow out of the kettle down to the pump it’s making me insane. This keeps happening and now I’m dealing with super hot liquid. I’ve been told it’s due to aid so how do I fix it and prevent it.
  9. Beenym88

    Can someone explain the lack of head retention in alot of modern craft?

    This is at least 10 minutes in I love the foam
  10. Beenym88

    New post a picture of your pint

    I named it puppy love it’s a white chocolate and red velvet flavored golden stout
  11. Beenym88

    Help changing my stout recipe

    Until you have better control of fermentation temperature you won’t really know if you like your recipe or not. Fermentation temperature is extremely important. This recipe does look much better than the first one for my tastes I would use a little more crystal and some Munich.
  12. Beenym88

    Pilsner, fermentation under pressure, temp and pressure?

    I recently did a cheater version of a Pilsner with lutra yeast it came out crisp and super clear. Unfortunately I strayed from traditional hops and used motuka hoping to get a line flavor and really didn’t like it.
  13. Beenym88

    First stout

    Definitely too much black patent. That grain is supposed to be used very sparingly. I like super smooth Stouts so to get them super black I use either midnight wheat or Cara 3 at less than 5%
  14. Beenym88

    Ss brewtech mash tun temp problems

    I haven’t had a problem with grain getting through its much better then my old cheap all in one
  15. Beenym88

    Is my all grain kit milled enough?

    If I used that crush my efficiency would be terrible that happened to me recently I was constantly dealing with stuck sparges so I went for a coarse grain and I was no where near my OG. Turned out the problems with the stuck sparge was my system the whole time. I would definitely hit it with a...