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    Kegconnection Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2022 Blowout Specials + $150 Gift Card Giveaway

    Just tapped the best German Pilner I've ever made. Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving.
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    Two Vessel No Sparge has become my favorite setup. Check it out!

    I use pretty much the same process however I brew primarily Lagers, so I use the 3rd kettle to add pre-frozen ice blocks and water, which I pump through my immersion chiller to hit 48 deg. ferm temps.
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    INKBIRD GIVEAWAY!! & Amazon Prime Day

    Would love one, thanks!
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    iSpindle - DIY Electronic Hydrometer

    I'm sorry, will my Thanks, sounds like that's what I need to do.
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    iSpindle - DIY Electronic Hydrometer

    I'm hoping someone can answer my question. I brew in my non-connected garage and my wifi is in the house. The wifi works just fine in the garage as long as the garage door is open. My question is, after losing connection, will my ispindle auto connect to the wifi when the wifi is available in...
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    Sold iSpindels

    Hoping someone can help me. If my ispindle loses connection the the wifi, will I have to reset it or will it automatically connect back to the wifi on it's own when its available?
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    I re-pitch my yeast, without building a starter, 5 times before I start the process over. Gelatin has never given me any problems. Just a note, I brew nothing but German Pilsners.
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    First Keg Ferment

    If you're fermenting under pressure, you are carbonating your beer at the same time. However, I've learned that cold crashing will reduce the pressure in my keg, therefore I set my pressures, for lagers, at 30 psi from start to finish. This will leave my beer at around 12 psi after crashing...
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    Cyber Monday Week Giveaway—Enter to Win WiFi ITC-308 Temperature Controller!

    Count me in Inkbird and Merry Christmas to you all.
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    Using corny for primary?

    Save yourself some $$$ and purchase a 1/2 barrel to use as a fermenter. That's what I did, I have 2 corny's I use for serving kegs and it's set up for a complete closed system. I even harvest the yeast using the closed system. All CO2, no oxygen.
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    Fining with gelatin under pressure

    What if you added the gelatin to your serving keg prior to transfer?
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    Fermenter Options?

    That is true but the good thing is, I never move it except when it's empty.
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    Fermenter Options?

    Instead of corny keg go with an actual 1/2 barrel keg, covers all your check points.