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    Bizarre cascade(?) plant

    It sure looks like japonicus. I've seen it growing locally in a few different locations and those buds being formed this late in the year would be a good indicator along with their color. You can positively ID it this fall by digging it up and looking for buds located on the root system. No...
  2. B-Hoppy

    Growing hops from seed

    One of the seedlings from 2019 turned out being a pretty good producer with an aroma similar to Cascade but the citrus portion leans more more towards a deep lime . Issues last year and I ended up picking a little earlier than it should have and didn't dry it down enough before it got packaged...
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    Pictures of hop plants

    It would be nice to see some long term data on how the plants perform or will the situation arise that replacing them with fresh germplasm periodically just be another cost to factor into the equation? The cost of production is something else that will have to be looked at, is it economical...
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    Pictures of hop plants

    I've been following this work for a while and haven't seen any follow up data. Being that there has been no long term testing, do we know if the plants will produce efficiently in the years to come? Knowing that hops grown in a conventional manner (producing one harvest per year) tend to...
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    Wild hops on the balcony?

    Is this the same series? Blackadder Complete Series : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
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    Wild hops on the balcony?

    Don't get it but I'm a fan of dry humor!! 👍
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    Distance between leaves

    Internode distance is basically a function of the variety that's being grown and may be influenced by a few other factors over the growth cycle of the plants. If I recall correctly the measurement is generally taken at a certain point above the ground just as DBH with trees and is part of the...
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    Wild hops on the balcony?

    It sure looks like it is. Maybe a seed ended up in your planter and just started growing? One characteristic of hops is that they have little barbs along their stem so if you run your finger lightly up the stem, you should feel like it's running up a dull hacksaw blade.
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    Too early for cones?

    You're fine! That stage is actually called 'burr' and those 'spiky' things are where pollen grains would attach if there were any males close by. If you have some different varieties you can make notes as to when they begin to burr and how long it takes the different ones to turn into the...
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    Dealing with the skin irritation from hops plants

    I think hops cause the irritation by more of a physical means as opposed to the oils that something like poison ivy give off. There's glandular trichomes oriented all over the plant and certain ones all along the stem and also on the petiole and for that matter on the underside of the leaves...
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    Sickly Centennial plant. Anyone have theories? (photo-heavy thread)

    Have either you or your neighbor had a lawn care application recently that contained some sort of herbicide? Sure looks like herbicide damage from here!
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    Is any of these a hop plant?

    I've brewed with whole cone hops that have been seeded for my entire career (1987-ish) and have had no problems with flavor. The big issue is oxidation of the oils in the seeds when they are run through the pellet mill.
  13. B-Hoppy

    Is any of these a hop plant?

    Nope, those aren't hops. The seeds are a little smaller than pot seeds, anywhere from half to about 3/4 the size. Different varieties seem to produce different sized seeds also. Your germination percentage goes from about 0% to 70-90% after cold and damp treatment for 4-8 weeks. This year, a...
  14. B-Hoppy

    How aggressive are hop roots?

    It looks like what you've chopped off is actually just a root. I can't tell real well by the picture but it doesn't look like there are any buds on it. The rhizomes will have rings of buds/eyes (little white nubs) around the structure at intervals from say 2-6 inches all along it's length -...
  15. B-Hoppy

    Anyone seen recently off-patent hops for sale? (Amarillo, Simcoe, etc...)

    Right, so if the protection expires on whatever germplasm may be in question, the developer doesn't really have a legal recourse if someone else is found to be growing or in possession of it. The question I would pose would be: "What does the developer have to gain by selling that particular...