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    Clone Beer Dog Fish Head - Midas Touch

    Hello fellow homebrewers! Just to give an update. I bottled this beer on June 7. I was having carbonation issues (i.e. beer not carbonated after a 3 weeks). I started rousing the bottles every now and then and last week when I opened the bottle it finally had some head and some bubble...
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    Clone Beer Dog Fish Head - Midas Touch

    Saffron is used in food as well and I read that when a recipe calls for it you can add it to water and let it soak for two hours, or you can used heated water and leave it for 20 minutes and then rub it on whatever you are cooking. You could boil it in a little water and add the water and the...
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    Clone Beer Dog Fish Head - Midas Touch

    OK, I couldn't wait a week. I opened another bottle of this beer. This time, I let it warm up a bit before I drank it. I was wrong about the flavor. It definitively has some alcohol to it, maybe some bitterness but it is masked by the alcohol. I like the color of it. I nice golden hue like...
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    Clone Beer Dog Fish Head - Midas Touch

    I tasted a 12oz bottle yesterday (one day short of two weeks after bottling). I heard a little hiss when I opened it, but it poured flat. It did not have much aroma, but I am hopping that will change once it is carbonated since it did have a strong honey aroma at bottling time. I may have tasted...
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    I'm going to brew a Maibock tomorrow and had my doubts as well. Thanks for sharing your experience! I hope it turns out well.
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    Clone Beer Dog Fish Head - Midas Touch

    This is how I did a 5 gallon all grain batch. I brewed it on April 18. I used 13 pounds of pale malt and mashed at 148F (I was worried about attenuation). I added .50 oz of Simcoe at 60 minutes and the 10 threads of saffron at flameout but did not add the honey in the boil. The O.G was 1.061. On...
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    Amarillo, Citra and Simcoe

    Thanks for the update :)
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    Amarillo, Citra and Simcoe

    I missed out on the simacoe as well :(. I am looking forward to the next offering and I'm glad your business is going well.
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    Kegerator Plus mini fridge

    Online you can find a mini fridge already converted to a kegarator or you could buy a mini fridge of a suitable size and modify it yourself. There are some do it yourself post that explain how. Good luck.
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    Can yeast make taste of beer sour?

    Is it sourness from the first sip or is it an after taste? I have a friend who noticed a sour after taste in my IPA. After trying two bottles of the IPA (bottled for over two months), he said that pouring less beer into his glass (leaving more yeast behind in the second bottle) made the sour...
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    You could take the O.G. reading from wort pulled from the kettle (that is, prior to mixing it with the water in the carboy). Then you can calculate the O.G of the entire batch by taking into account whatever amount of water you had in the carboy. In you case, say you have 2.5 gallons of wort in...
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    Help choosing a Belgian yeast?

    Hello OldAtHeart, You probably already brewed this but have you considered doing an ferulic acid rest? It will impart your beer with more of the clove character precursor when doing weizens. I dont know if it applies to WLP 550 but it is worth a try seeing that you want a more clover like...
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    Improved boiling on the stovetop!

    Of course! Cotton wrapped with aluminum foil! I have been reading this thread for almost an hour and I had totally forgot about this. I used aluminum foil and cotton to wrap my distillation columns in chemistry lab (the real insulator was the cotton, I just used the aluminum foil to hold it in...
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    ebay aquarium temp controller build

    Yeap! That is the correct one. Hope it arrives soon and if you have any questions fell free to ask. Also if you need a summary for common questions check out this link: Dual-Stage Temp Controller for Under $50! - Mr.Beer® Forum (I know it is another forum but he does give credit to this one...
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    What temp to dry hop at?

    Hello everyone. I recently did an IPA dry-hopped with 3 oz of noble hops (1 oz each Hallertau, Czech Saaz, Tettnanger) I had it for a week at mid 70's temperature and I barely got any aroma (i.e. I had to swirl my wine glass and sniff like crazy to percieve any aroma, although the little aroma I...