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    Auberins RTD Sensor

    The probes are great but they don't work with LOVEs. I'd suggest buying some of the Auber PID's as a LOVE replacement. Work just as well and are cheaper.
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    Boiling Water Hazard

    buy a pump and lower the HLT and subsequent vessels to counter height. 100% agree with a 3 tier stand not being safe
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    Beer Purchase Suggestions - Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota

    Definitely do not pick up some New Glarus thumbprint wild sour ale ;) or IIPA (if any is left) or their 20th anniversary BDSA
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    Direct fire temp control

    What do you want to accomplish by switching to an uninsulated pot from an insulated cooler? I'd say unless you automate the heat input into the mash with a temperature controller, you'd be much better off with a cooler and much less frustrated. However, if you still want to use a pot with...
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    Show us your bar!!!!!

    We finished ours last year. Includes a kegerator closet with 4 taps (3 perlicks and 1 nitro). Just finished a built in wine rack even though I rarely drink wine. Most importantly we added a bathroom 5 feet away
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    What's your beer "worth"?

    Since the money is already invested in capital and since you aren't selling the beer, there is no way to get a return on the investment. I suppose one way to do that would be to use the price of an equivalent commercial beer that you would have bought as a hypothetical and subtract out raw...
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    Hops Good Beer

    IPA's aren't suppose to be balanced. And how is "balanced" equal to good? Malt forward beers aren't balanced either.
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    Your favorite top five beers?

    Russian river supplication Duchess de bourgone Pliny the elder Rochefort 10 Cuvée de jacobin
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    Nitrogen tank dip tube

    First off, let me say there is very little information on home nitrogen set ups in general and I hear many conflicting stories. I purchased a nitro tap (nice SS one at stainlessbrewing), also a nitrogen regulator and a 5lb nitrogen tank. I've heard you can use a C02 tank for beer gas as well...
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    My wife loves the term SWMBO. I've told her what it means, she knows its endearing plus she gets a little kick off the "power" associated with it but asks if shes being a good SWMBO. She also does not drink beer at all, and rarely drinks in general. But shes supportive, knows I get joy out of...
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    Can someone suggest a sour beer?

    Monks cafe and duchess de Bourgogne are realtively easy to find. Russian river doesn't distribute to WI although they make amazing stuff. Also new Belgium la folie
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    All Grain - Aeration

    Just wanted to comment on cleaning the O2 stone. All I do is turn on the stone while submerged in starsan and turn the the O2 briefl to flush. Wen I'm finished aerating wort, I rinse and then purge the 02 stone with oxygen again in starsan and let dry. Have had no issues with infection after...
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    Bar design advice

    We refinished our basement recently with a bar, keg closet, and theater area so I think you may be doing something similar. For the bar we did a half wall which supported the bar ledge and on the other side we had cabinets that supported a the prep side of the bar. I just measured ours and the...
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    Forgive me for thinking this is awesome/Brewing in cold weather.

    Neat trick, take a cup of hot water and throw it into the air. If it doesn't freeze instantly, it's not cold outside