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    Neighbor wants to call fire marshall for brewing

    Clarify, the fire code says you have to be 10' away from combustible construction, can't you just move 10' away? I would call the fire dept and find out the rules exactly and find a way to follow them. Then if they call the fire're fine. What's the trouble in that?
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    sweet potato mash experiment

    So I did this, but haven't fermented it or anything. 3lbs of sweet potatoes, peeled. Half food processed, half sliced very thin. Doughed in, BIAB, at 90F and moved temp to 122, rested 1hr. Removed bag, and put in enough water to cover. Boiled ~30min, mixing and crushing the potatoes...
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    Use for 25lbs of Oat Bran? Any ideas on what I could use this for, is it worth getting?
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    sweet potato mash experiment

    I'm firing this up right now. I'll try to update with OG and eventually a FG and tasting. I have 3big potatoes, I think it's 3lbs. Whatever I end up with, I'm going to boil to an OG of ~1.035-1.040.
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    Brew Label Critique Needed

    I love the label, except the %Alc/IBU looks and location. It's black in both and kind of catches the eye. So it distracts from the rest of the label. make it a softer color, like the rest of the label, and place it in a more discrete location. Other than that it's great.
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    Lager Question

    I did my first lager and I'm wondering if my temp/schedule is going to have negative effects. Fermented at ~42-45 for 3 weeks Edit: Diacetyl for 24hours at 72F Secondary at 42-45 for 1.5 weeks Bottled with priming sugar Left at 75 for 2 days, then 63 for 1 week Placed in fridge to lager at 42...
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    Please provide comments / suggestions for this X-Mas Ale

    The hops you have are very fruity. For something like this wouldn't you want something a little more earthy and spicy? Like a willamette or EKG? That's my only thought. Other than that, you've got a lot going on there. That's going to be a sweet, chewy beer. Hope it turns out well.
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    Bleech vs sanitizer.

    BLeach is a sanitizer, and you can find a podcast on how best to use it. I believe that sanitizer is low on the list of brewing costs. And bleach/vinegar can be a little bit of a hassle, as well as totally stinking up your hands. I have used, and made a good beer with it but Star San is cheap...
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    sweet potato mash experiment

    imrook - I think your math is off. I'm not sure exactly the stoichiometry of it all, but a single starch molecule will break down to form many sugar molecules. I'm not exactly sure how this calculates into PPG, because 26wt% starch would also mean 26wt% sugar once converted. So maybe you...
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    Share your Ideas

    Are you selling malted millet? If so, are you shipping and in what quantities?
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    50% total efficiency on Barley Wine

    In his defense, this is stolen from NB forum on the golden naked oats. Seems that they are malted so they are not necessarily and adjunct. " has this to say about them: Huskless oat crystal malt. Exotic ingredient for subtle nutty difference. MidWest...
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    Perlick 3 Tower Keg Box -FREE in Phoenix

    How has no one picked this up? I was really hoping someone on here would take advantage and fill it with worthy homebrew.
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    Latest Lager Redux - what I have learned.

    That chart is missing a pressure, or rather partial pressure indication. As the partial pressure goes up (in the case of O2 stone, considerably) so will your solubility. The affect will be the same as CO2 in your beer. At room temp, it isn't in equilibrium which is why it bubbles, but this...
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    Perlick 3 Tower Keg Box -FREE in Phoenix

    I don't know if I'll get in trouble for posting this, but someone ought to go get this. I don't have a truck, nor plans for kegging. So someone else check it out. Keg Box
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    Boiled my mash

    Wouldn't this have denatured many enzymes? Seems like a longer mash would be the way to go, but that's just a guess.