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    How much ginger bug for 3 gallon batch?

    I've been making 1/2 gallong batches of ginger beer using a ginger bug. Does anyone know if I must icrease the amount of "bug" to start a 3 gallong batch, or could I get away with using 1 or 2 cups of ginger bug?
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    Saison at low temp?

    FYI I finally bottled last week at 1.010. The beer is exactly as I wished for a Biere de Table: light but full flavored, fruity, herbal and farmy aromas (included a very citrus-like aroma!), lovely finish. I really wanted to follow up on this, because the fermentation temp dropped into the...
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    Saison at low temp?

    Right now, I'm considering bottling it in champagne bottles -- I think that they can handle the extra carbonation from 1.02 to 1.01 in case it ever happens!
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    Saison at low temp?

    I did taste it when I took the gravity reading -- it was slightly more sweet but the flavor is certainly "Saison" as I expect it. This one is actually a low gravity beer very similar to Dupont's "Biere de table." I usually brew it to grow the yeast culture for a bigger saison, but obviously I...
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    Saison at low temp?

    I started a Saison several weeks back (meant to brew it in late summer), and the temp in my cellar dropped drastically, to 62 F. Now, it did most of it's fermentation and has dropped to around 1.02. Has anyone here fermented a Saison at temps that are so far below specs? I'm considering...
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    Good beers to ferment at high temperature?

    Do you use liquid yeasts? I recommend Wyeast Abbey II (it's Belgian as the previous poster recommended). I made two beers with it at high temps this summer and both are delicious! -Andy
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    Nerdy Thread ambout brewing literature

    I've really enjoyed Randy Mosher's Radical Brewing. Lots of fun facts, tips on technique, and recipes for many beer styles, including historical brews.
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    enamel pot scorched

    I noticed a small (1 inch) scorch on the inside of our relatively new (3 brews) enamel pot -- is this going to effect future brews? -Andy
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    anyone done with their saison yet?

    Hey Revvy, Can you share the recipe that you are planning to use? I'm currently fermenting a saison and hoegaarden-type wit was next on my list as well. Thanks, Andy
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    Switchback Brewery, Burlington, VT Clone Recipe?

    I would go to VT Homebrew in Winooski and ask Anne what she thinks. I think that it is pretty much an amber ale, and a lot of its appeal is that it is "unfiltered," which all homebrews are anyhow. I agree that it is a nice beer, but it is also pretty straightforward (as opposed to something...
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    Belgian Brew Time?

    I'd like to give this a try but am wondering about sanitation -- should the sugar first be boiled in some water, cooled down to 75 or so, then added? Or is the alcohol high enough after a few days of primary that it's safe to add sugar without extra precaution? -Andy
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    Easy Stovetop All-Grain Brewing (with pics)

    I tried this with a small (3 gal) batch of special bitter about 3 months ago and it turned out great -- today I brewed a 5 gal batch and got around 80% efficiency! -Andy
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    Diacetyl in Commercial Beers

    To my tastebuds, Blue Moon has always tasted buttery (from bottles). -Andy
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    Samuel Smith's Cider

    Interesting recipe -- I imagine that the purpose of the tea is to get more tannins, and the lime gets tartness. I think that this is taken care of by selecting the source apples with greater care. The apples used in commercial apple juice tend to be very low tannin, and not particularly...
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    Samuel Smith's Cider

    Thanks for the reply. As far as the acidity of the juice goes, I know that their are "old" varieties of apples that are grown locally (here in Vermont) -- they are specifically used for cider making and, in elaborate mixes with other apples, for baking what my family considers to be the best...