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    Sour Beer Bottling Process Question

    I would bet #2. I would think you‘d be able to see the priming sugar with a gravity reading if that were the case though. You might give a reading a try The priming of individual bottles seems like a process where I would screw things up but I’ve managed to screw up the bulk priming I prefer...
  2. AMessenger

    Bob Ross Sour(?) Imperial Stout

    Impossible to say what impact that much headspace will have (good or bad). Also impossible to say what that top up would do (good or bad). OP, I would let it ride as is. I think you’re safer with an unperturbed and fully fermented beer with some extra headspace than one topped up with...
  3. AMessenger

    IPA - No Carb and Sweet

    I would bet it’ll carb given more time (although would think 2 weeks would have been enough). You would think 66F to 70 F would also be warm enough but it couldn’t hurt to move somewhere warmer. There is definitely an element of unpredictability with yeast. I’ve had a few that never carb’d...
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    Bourbon County Stout clone attempt

    I guess I feel pretty safe with a year but will probably take some samples to make sure I don't over do it. Per Homedistiller.org, a 5 gal barrel has like 3x the surface area of a 53 gal barrel. A shorter time with oak would seem like a major concern with that much more exposure. There are so...
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    Bourbon County Stout clone attempt

    A side by side comparison with BCBS can be a very illuminating test. Before I tried my previous attempts next to BCBS I was thinking they were fairly close to the real thing with some assertive whisky character cutting through. The real thing was a whole different level.
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    Bourbon County Stout clone attempt

    Follow up on a version I made last year (see post #308): This was my second attempt at a clone. I toasted and charred my own White Oak for this batch. After my first attempt, aged with about 4 oz of oak which had previously been soaked in 45% ABV Makers Mark Whiskey, didn't have anywhere near...
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    East Coast v. West Coast IPA recipe needed

    How about 2, 1 gal malt only beers, fermented with each of these. It won’t necessarily be something you’d want to drink much of but will make any differences between the two clear
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    Odd Homegrown Cascade Flavor

    Thank you for that insight on the color and what that likely means in regards to issues wth harvesting/processing of the hops. I can confirm they are greener than commercial leaf hops and seem to have a bit more moisture. The beer I made with them was kegged a week ago with 2 more oz of the...
  9. AMessenger

    Odd Homegrown Cascade Flavor

    Got some homegrown Cascade from a friend. They have a sort of an odd aroma that I want to call plastic-like. When I pull them apart there appears to be quite a bit of lupulin and when rub one between my hands and break it up it has a nice cascade aroma. Based on this, I figured it would make...
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    Off flavor - cannot figure it out

    Has somebody else tried the beer and noticed this? A sanity check from others could be helpful for making sense of things. Beer is a complicated and complex thing. From personal experience, I’ve had times where I’ve become fixated on a particular ”off flavor” and then with time come to...
  11. AMessenger

    Any Lambic/gueuze blending tips & tricks?

    Congrats on the patience to collect that many blending options. I understand the lambic brewers use a fairly high % of their young beer to provide the food for bottle carbonation. I typically just choose whatever beers are most interesting (regardless of age) and blend in % that I think with...
  12. AMessenger

    Can you Brew It recipe for Stone Arrogant Bastard

    Very interesting that you make so little note of hop aroma and flavor in your comparison. To me those are the ultimate defining character of Arrogant Bastard in its current form and the major difference between this clone recipe and the real thing. i would say Arrogant bastard is heavier on...
  13. AMessenger

    First Flanders Red - Not "Bretty" Enough?

    Depending on your cultures, you could continue to see development of Brett character years into bottling. I was recently surprised to find a Flanders Red that had been bottled in 2016 had evolved from a fairly fruity beer (like you’d expect a Flanders Red to be) to a much more earthy and...
  14. AMessenger

    Can you Brew It recipe for Stone Arrogant Bastard

    I recently brewed up this clone using post 845 as the basis. There were a few minor mods - my recipe for 6 gal was as follows: Grain: 15 lb Pale Ale Malt 2.25 lb CaraAroma Malt 3 oz Acid Malt Hops: 3 oz Chinook (Leaf, 12.2% AA) at 60 min 1 oz Chinook (Leaf, 12.2% AA) at 20 min 1 oz Chinook...
  15. AMessenger

    Bourbon County Stout clone attempt

    Status update from Posts #271 and #286: I brewed up a Clone of BCBS in January 2018 and then aged it for 8 months on White Oak that I had toasted at 450 F, Charred, and then soaked for several months in Makers Mark Whiskey. I started out with 2 oz of this oak and then increased this to 4 oz...