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    Corn from scratch

    I've never seen it before I malted it either. I malted it, per the instructions in the homebrewers garden. It took longer to malt than barley does. Flavor was fine, I used a pound in 5 gallons of preprohibition style pilsner and you could taste it in there.
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    Corn from scratch

    Malted corn does not need to be gelatinized.
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    RECIPE CHALLENGE: Sub-$15 Batches

    I usually use Willamette for bittering on this beer as well but I just opened a pound of magnum and I'm trying to use it up before hop harvest season.
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    Corn from scratch

    I've dried corn on the cob, and then malted it. Added it to the mash like normal.
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    RECIPE CHALLENGE: Sub-$15 Batches

    Most of my recipes are under $15 per batch, unless I'm doing a barleywine or something, it's just standard. Homegrown hops, hops direct bulk hops, bulk grain and home cultured yeast FTW! Brewed this today: Homegrown Willamette ESB Style: Extra Special/Strong Bitter (English Pale Ale) OG...
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    Gettin some free hops, but....

    There is no way to be sure just by looking at them. Brew a pale ale with them exclusively, that way you can get an idea on the bitterness as well as the flavor. Also hops are so cheap that a growler per batch is pretty generous, are they going to pick them and dry them for you as well?
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    Kolsch - too much munich?

    Well, if you care about style the appropriate amount of munich is zero. Ditto on the carapils, although you could sneak in about 1/2lb or so, but why not brew to style and add a bit of wheat instead?
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    Beer For An Unborn Kid

    A better idea would be to brew a batch with him when he turns 20 and then give it to him when he turns 21. Do you think somebody would really appreciate a heavy beer for their first beer?
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    Salmonberries or fireweed?

    I would do a pale or wheat beer with the salmonberries, start with 5lbs and go from there. IMHO, you'd have a tough time picking more than 5lbs even from a big patch. I use chamomile in my witbeer, just a handful or so. As for fireweed, I am familiar with the plant but at a loss for how to...
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    Serebrianka hops

    Hey I got a pound of these that I was thinking of opening. However, I can't decide what kind of beer to make with it. Does it have an american, english or continental flavor?
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    How to create a Black IPA

    Yes, I use 8% carafa III in mine as the sole dark malt.
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    brewery name

    I'm not back pedaling I stand by my original statement. I never used the words egotistical, I used ego, ie. a sense of self. I think that people who name their homebrewey have a strange sense of their own self. I don't get it other than as a joke but why trademark a joke?
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    brewery name

    I usually just put the style and date brewed on a piece of tape which gets transferred with the beer from the fermenter to the keg. I just finished brewing an IPA and its labeled "IPA 1-8-12." Sometimes if I'm feeling randy I'll also label it with hops like "Willamette/goldings ESB" but...
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    brewery name

    Oh youre right, my bad, I'm going out to trademark ********* brewing right now. I'm making a burger too so I'll copyright ********* burgers while I'm at the lawyers office. Wow this trademark stuff is so much more fun than brewing and drinking beer.
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    brewery name

    I wasn't using the word ego in a pejorative sense but in the sense of self identity. I find it very bizarre that somebody would need a brewery name for their homebrew. If you needed some type of qualifier for some reason like a competition or something why wouldn't you just use your own name...