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    Diluting beer

    General thought for the future - build in a top off water contingency to your boil. O2 is not a concern at the end of boil. Since it is unusual that you would ever want to add more than a gallon, you could take a gravity sample, and make the call. Use an electric tea kettle and add the...
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    How do I be a bad neighbor, without actually being a bad neighbor??

    Legal code as mentioned before. Remember though - save that one unless there are more code violations you can pick on. Save the trump card for all-out war Get motion sensor lights set as sensitive as possible (pointed more at their property than yours) Practice bird calls in the yard at...
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    Canadian blonde

    OK so stick with the enhancer. Maltodextrin is not fermentable, so probably a reason for it. Also good idea to do first batch as close to what manufacturer intended - can't know where to go until you know what it tastes like. It may be perfect as-is, may stink. Yeast first - it needs to be...
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    Canadian blonde

    thanks - trying to find an online description of the ingredients. Nothing really popping up. What does it come with? By all accounts, it is indicating that an additional kilo of fermentable sugar is necessary. To that end, I would lean toward the lightest DME you can find. Half and half...
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    Canadian blonde

    good morning. to be of any help, I would like to as a few questions. What is the name brand of the kit? What is the name of the batch (assuming Canadian Blonde)? Is there any type of date of manufacture on it? Let's start there.
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    Help with last-minute wedding beer recipe: I have too many hops!

    I would go simple in general. Crowd pleaser that does not have too much going on, Get a little Cara 40 Pale 85%, Munich 10%, cara 40 5% Centennial straight through. 60, 20 2, dry hop. (Maybe some BRU-1 in dryhop) US-05. Keep it simple
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    Random Drunken Thoughts Thread

    the hard-working distant relative of, yet relatively ineffective version of the Marburg virus?
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    Random Drunken Thoughts Thread

    why is the alphabet in that order? Is it because of that song?
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    Imperial stout OG 1.160, US-05

    true enough. Just used to hitting gravity - also realizing that in this case, topping off to bring the OG down, also brings the volume up, so more beer
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    Imperial stout OG 1.160, US-05

    BJCP standards for a RIP is between 1.018 and 1.030. Guessing that with that much of an OG, the probability of finishing on the high end was likely.
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    Imperial stout OG 1.160, US-05

    Assuming a FG of 1.025 (OG-FG)*131.25 (1.160-1.025)*131.25 = 17.72% ABV Assuming a FG of 1.035 (OG-FG)*131.25 (1.160-1.035)*131.25 = 16.40% ABV So - 17% is about middle there -reasonable estimate
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    Hello from Denmark

    Welcome Sskytthe! There are a lot of very experienced and knowledgeable people in here. Have used their wisdom many times and has definitely improved my brewing. I am sure you will find a lot of useful information. Great crowd in here
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    Imperial stout OG 1.160, US-05

    You can add San Diego super yeast (WLP 090) but you will still have two more percentage points to get. Might I suggest adding top-off water and diluting a bit? 17% seems to be your current ABV and while a victory in some sense if you hit, completely unnecessary.
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    What are you drinking now?

    HB NEIPA Chinook, Simcoe, BRU-1, Talus you should try it!! :rock: