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    Just something to share.

    If anyone is curious, it turned out great. Probably my favorite I made so far. I took a sample to the local brewery//store. I don’t know how serious he was or if he was just being nice, but the guy said he enjoyed it more than the brewery’s amber ale
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    Recipe help for first biab

    5 gallon. Im worried my 5 gallon kettle is too small for the water and extra grain, and thought using Pilsen extract would help reach the gravity without adding much color or flavor. Some sort of dark ale with a toasty sweet character I do not have any means to control the temp yet. I started to...
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    Recipe help for first biab

    2 lb 2-row 1.5 lb Munich 0.5 lb Extra Special Malt 0.3 lb C60 0.2 lb Victory 0.125 lb midnight wheat (color adjustment maybe) 3 lb Pilsen light DME Estimated OG: 1.051 FG: 1.013 I’m I using too much malt aren’t I? I tried simpler extract recipes, using one or two specialty malts, and was...
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    Just something to share.

    Thanks for the advice, curiosity gets the best of me. I have followed more toned down recipes and recipe kits and some of those were my favorite. This is actually where I got the idea
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    Just something to share.

    Originally inspired by red ale recipes I saw. The molassses I was just curious. It was taken right after I pitched the yeast
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    Just something to share.

    Yes I crushed the grain at the store. I steeped around 150 degrees for 45 min. Then added water by holding the bag and pouring it over it to rinse everything I could into the pot
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    Just something to share.

    Not sure if I’m experimenting too much since I’m still new. But after reading article about steeping base malts. I decided to give this a try. Batch size: around 3.5 gallons, boil 4 gallons Estimated gravity: 1.057* Estimated IBUs: 77* 3 lbs light DME 1.25 lbs Maris Otter 0.5 lbs Red X 0.5 lbs...
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    Is this normal or possible infection?

    I’m still new to this and I get paranoid during the fermentation. Is this the Krausen starting to die down or beginning of infection. It’s only been fermenting 3 days or so.
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    BU:GU Ratio

    Wouldn't it make more sense to use the final gravity in this ratio? Since that's whats left over from the fermentable sugars. It seems to me at least that would have a bigger influence over the perceived bitterness or maltiness of the beer
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    Career fair

    I'm going to a career fair and about to graduate in mechanical engineering. Anheuser-Busch is going to be there looking for MEs. Is it a good idea to mention home brewing hobby as well as my engineering experience?
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    Continuous Hopping

    I was thinking what if hops were added throughout the boil rather than a few additions at the beginning and end. After some research, it turned out that a company already did this. Has anyone tried it at home? What were the results and how did you calculate IBUs? I have not tried it, but...
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    Possible Overcarbonation

    Thank you
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    Possible Overcarbonation

    My friends helped me bottle my 5 gallon batch a couple of days ago. Left it 2 weeks in fermenter and final gravity was the similar to my first batch. I boiled priming sugar (bought a 5oz package) in 2 cups of water. And then for experimental flavor we decided to melt four (1.5oz) Hershey bars...
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    Choosing Hops

    How do you find out what hops go together? Is it by experience or can you get an idea from their descriptions? What combinations work for particular styles, like an ipa vs a brown ale? I'm going by suggested extract recipes but I eventually want to improve my process, experience, to form...
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    Second Brew Help

    Thanks! In my first brew, which was a recipe included with my starter kit, I put the grains (in the bag) in water around 150 degrees for 30 minutes, the recipe said that was steeping. Unfortunately the grains were unlisted so I'm not sure what they were How is your suggestion of a mini mash...