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    wine bottles

    Cheers mate
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    wine bottles

    Hi I have just got 30 bottles of rose on the go, I need to sterilise the bottles but where can I keep them afterwards or shall I sterilise them on the day before the wine is ready
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    Help a newbie!

    Don't worry about bubbles, I'm new to this but was worried like you and my first batch was superb, just follow rest of instructions
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    cloudy wine

    Just done 30 bottles of wine and they seemed clear at first but noticed there slightly cloudy will they clear if left somewhere cool?? Its only slightly cloudy so will it be ok to drink? Cheers paul
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    Doing 30 bottles of chardonnay and it's been brewing over a week and opened it as it should have fermented and noticed brown spots on the top of the fermentation bin, I'm hoping it's just the mixture. Please tell me it's not infected I cleaned everything beforehand
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    It's looking fine and smelling fine but my first attempt!!! Fingers crossed, thanks for reply mate
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    Brewing 30 bottles of Chardonnay in my fermentation barrel. Drilled an hole in the green lid so I could put a bung on and airlock but noticed a couple of bits of green plastic in wine, I have used a spoon to remove the bits but worried about contamination?? What can I do?
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    Wine stopped bubbling

    Thanks both of you I can relax now, it's my first lot of wine :-)
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    Wine stopped bubbling

    Hi I have got some Chardonnay in my fermentation bucket, I did it 3 days ago, my airlock bubbled for first 2 days but stopped now!!...what do I do??
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    I am doing homebrew lager and it says bottle after 4-6 days, but my hydrometer says its still not ready after 8 days and I've kept it in about 20degrees temp?? Any ideas?? Cheers