Sylvania SE80106-2 Kegerator Conversion

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Sylvania SE80106-2

Note 1: This kegerator conversion applies only to the Sylvania SE80106-2. Many of the steps will apply to other kegerators however anything pictured here should be considered specific to the SE80106-2 unless proven otherwise.

This model of bar fridge is quite well suited to a kegerator conversion as it lacks the built-in freezer component. It is slighter smaller than the Sanyo 4912 (4.5cuft compared to 4.9cuft) however as you will see, the kegs and CO2 both fit once a few modifications are made.

Note 2: At this time the conversion does not include the installation of a tower.

This procedure will void your warranty.


[edit] Objectives

  • Fit 2 Ball Lock Kegs
  • Fit 5lbs CO2 tank with Y splitter and 2 gauge regulator
  • Fit 2 cobra taps with 6ft of 3/16 beer line

[edit] Temperature Controller

Sylvania SE80106-2 03 temp controller placement.jpg

The temperature controller will not allow the second keg if left in the stock position. A very simple modification is necessary to make the right keg fit properly so the door can close.

Remove the light bulb from the housing. After you remove the door liner the switch that turns it off when the door closes will not be pressed. The bulb will just drain power and will also introduce extra heat into the fridge. This will cause the compressor to run more often, ultimately shortening its life.

Sylvania SE80106-2 04 temp controller tab to remove.jpg

Pop the blue tab on the cover and use a philips screwdriver to remove the screw.

Sylvania SE80106-2 04 temp controller new position.jpg

Angle the temperature controller as pictured and screw it back into the sidewall. Simple pressure on the screw will allow it to penetrate the plastic.

[edit] Door Liner

Sylvania SE80106-2 04 door liner screws.jpg

The shelves on the inside of the door will also need to be removed. In this procedure the door liner will be replaced with a dry-erase (whiteboard) material. It will provide a clean finish and will also provide a writing surface for keeping notes about the contents of the kegerator.

Remove all of the screws around the door liner. They are accessible by pulling back the contact strip around the outside edge.

Sylvania SE80106-2 08 remove contact strip.jpg

Remove the contact strip from the outside of the door liner. It is not fastened and should come off easily.

Sylvania SE80106-2 09 trace door liner onto dryerase.jpg

Place the door liner onto the dry-erase board and trace the outline. Then mark the location of all the screw holes. Cut out along your lines and then drill out the holes you marked.

Sylvania SE80106-2 11 install contact strip to dryerase.jpg

Attach the contact strip onto the dry-erase board. Make sure that it is facing the correct way: the large flat side should make contact with the main fridge body when the door is closed.

Sylvania SE80106-2 12 reinstall new door liner.jpg

Attach the new door liner to the fridge door. Make sure that the contact strip is tucked securely behind the new door liner so that the door closes properly.

Note: Make sure to check the fit and adjust as necessary. If the contact strip does not properly contact the main fridge body your fridge will leak. This will cause the compressor to run more than it should and will ultimately shorten its life.

[edit] CO2 Tank Support

Sylvania SE80106-2 13 co2 tank support.jpg

The compressor hump in the rear of the fridge is not shaped in such a way as to allow the CO2 tank to sit without risk of falling.

Cut a 7.75in piece of 2x4 and epoxy it to the front face of the compressor hump.

Warning: CO2 tanks are under high pressure and are extremely dangerous if handled improperly. Always read all instructions before using.

Sylvania SE80106-2 14 co2 tank lines.jpg

Cut 2 gas supply lines 24in long. Attach your quick disconnects and attach to the Y adapter on the regulator.

[edit] Finished

Sylvania SE80106-2 15 kegs on gas.jpg

Attach your picnic faucets and coil the lines into the fridge.

[edit] Other Modifications

  • Add a 2 tap tower
  • Add rear and side rails
  • Add drip tray