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There are many pumps that can be used in the brewing process in order to move wort, water, and finished product between vessels. The March Pump is by far the most common of these for several reasons: affordability, longevity, and it is food grade and safe for high temperature use. There are several March pump models, but the one for sale in most homebrew stores is model 809HS. This model comes with a housing constructed of polysulphone which is heat tolerant to over 250F, and will not impart any off-flavors into your beer.

In the example setup shown below, a March pump is connected to a 1/2" stainless steel ball valve on the output to regulate the flow of liquid. On the inlet of the pump a 1/2" female coupler is used. The tubing used is a 1/2" ID silicone tubing which is food grade and heat tolerant to over 450F. The advantage to metal or other heat safe materials is the ability to hot sanitize the tubing using boiling wort or water. There are two brass quick disconnect pairs in this example that allow for easy removal and cleaning of the attached tubing.

March Pump.JPG

-- Quick Disconnect Part Numbers for McMaster-Carr --

Male NPT -> Male QD: $1.93 ea. - Part#: 6739k59

Male QD.gif

Barb -> Female QD (straight): $6.47 ea. - Part#: 6739k64

Female QD Straight.gif

Barb -> Female QD (90 degree): $8.01 ea. - Part#: 6739k92

Female QD 90deg.gif

-- Stainless Steel Hardware Parts --

Stainless Ball Valve: $13.00 ea. - [1]

SS Ball Valve.jpg

1/2" Stainless Coupler: $4.00 ea. - [2]

SS Coupler.jpg