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A list of brew terms (and other words, for that matter) that constantly get misspelt.


aerate / aeration (not aeriate / aeriation)

a lot (not alot)

barley (not barly or barely)

beer gas (a mix of roughly 75% nitrogen and 25% carbon dioxide, not pure nitrogen)

bottle / bottling / bottled (not bottel / botteling / botteled, not bottleing)

carbonate / carbonation (not carbinate / carbination, not carbomate / carbomation, not carbonization)

commercial (with two m's, not commerical) A list of brew terms (and other words, for that matter) that constantly get misspelt.

definite / definitely (not definate / definately)

fermenter (not fermentor or firmenter)

hydrometer (hygrometers are used in cigar humidors, not brewing)

krausen and kraeusen are both correct (not krauesen, more accurate than "foamy stuff in the fermenter")

India Pale Ale (not Indian Pale Ale)

kegerator (not technically a word, but that's the accepted spelling)

nitrogen, abbr. N2 (not nitrigen, not nitrous, not NOS, not nitrous oxide, not NO2, not N2O...at least for brewing)

oxygen, abbr. O2 (not oxigen)

probably (not prolly...I know, sometimes that's on purpose...I still hate it)

Rice Hulls (instead of rice gulls)

ridiculous (not rediculous)

Saccharomyces cerevisiae (note the capitalization and italics along with the spelling)

sanitation (not sanitization, and not sterilization unless you're in a lab)

Sanke (not Sankey)

siphon and syphon are both correct (no e's or f's)

spigot (not spicket)

sulfur and sulphur are both correct (no e's or o's)

trub (pronounced troob, not spelled that way)

wort (pronounced wert, but not spelled that way)

yeast strain (not yeast strand)

zinc, abbr. Zn (not zink)

A bit of grammar:

desert: a hot, dry place dessert: what you're always tempted to order after a good dinner

its - possessive form of it, indicates ownership it's - short for "it is"

lose: opposite of win loose: opposite of tight

their: possessive form of them, indicates ownership there: a place, anywhere but here they're: short for "they are"

to: function word used to denote movement, purpose, or possession too: same as also two: the number between one and three

whole: not broken, intact hole: an opening

your: possessive form of you, indicates ownership you're: short for "you are" yore: long ago