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27,000 BTU Burner‎

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Widely available from homebrew supply shops, DIY superstores, and various online retailers, propane burners are the weapon of choice for many brewers. Available in different BTU ranges, these burners are typically standalone units that the user hooks up to a standard gas-grill-type propane tank. The heat output from most propane burners is usually adequate for partial and full boils. Some Brewers have had success with burners rated at under 30,000 BTU for five Gallon Boils, Others prefer to go for 200,000 BTU units.

The Burner choice in the UK is generally more limited in the USA, the burner pictured is the perfect size to sit a keggle on and was purchased from a local propane dealer.

One convenient way to buy a burner is to purchase a turkey fryer kit. This will also provide you with a large pot - usually in the 30QT range which is useful as a hot liquor tun.

Known Homebrew Friendly Models

The following models of burner have been verified to work well in homebrewing.

Bayou Classic "Kick A Banjo" Burner 
These cookers are very popular with people who want the most power available. The older KAB4 model comes with a 30 PSI regulator putting out a maximum of 210,000 BTU, while the newer KAB5 model comes with a 20 PSI regulator putting out a maximum of 185,000 BTU. The burner itself (BG-14) is 10" in diameter, so it doesn't work well with smaller pots. The small round stand needs a modification in order to hold a keggle. This can be as simple as a sturdy bbq grate.
Bayou Classic SQ-14 
This cooker comes with a square stand, and features a 10 PSI regulator, putting out a maximum of 55,000 BTU (Home Depot advertises it with a 15 PSI regulator, but it's still a 10). The burner itself (BG-12) is 4" in diameter. It can usually be found locally for a good price, and many people have had very good luck with it.
Bayou Classic SP-10 
This cooker comes with a round stand, and features a 20 PSI regulator, putting out a maximum of 185,000 BTU. The burner itself (BG-10) is a 4", jet style burner, giving it the ability to handle higher pressures than the BG-12.
Blichman Burner 
This burner produces 72,000 BTU/hr of heating power and is built of stainless steel. It efficiently and quietly heats wort to a rolling boil and has excellent wind performance. This is the best burner on the market for the home brewer.