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kegger out of old freezer
external CO2 tank

A refrigerator for serving draft beer modified with tap handles, kegs, a CO2 tank and all of the serving and gas lines to connect it all. They can be built out of small mini fridges, regular household refrigerators, chest freezers and even commercial walk-in fridges.

Many kegerators are built with serving faucets mounted to the exterior of the fridge so that the door can remain closed but you could use picnic faucets to save money in the short term.

When using larger CO2 tanks, such as a 20lb and larger, it is often required to keep the tank outside and run the gas line through the fridge.

List of kegerator conversion instructions

Sylvania SE80106-2 Kegerator Conversion

Detailed Howto on converting a top-bottom refrigerator into a kegerator

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