Your thoughts/advice on my ABV and gravity

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Oct 21, 2012
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San Diego
Brewed extract for just over a year, then made the switch to all grain about 4 months ago. I brew frequently and feel like I'm hitting my stride, getting better and better. HOWEVER.....

I've resisted the science of brewing big time. I calculate grain, mash in, hop schedules, etc, but things like Plato, Ph, IBU, and gravity readings have not been a priority to me. I love the creativity and art of brewing, not the science.

Well, I bought a hydrometer, brewed a Chinook IPA, and against my better instincts took a reading after the wort cooled, before I pitched - 1.070.

Just took a reading after about 8 days of fermentation - 1.010, equaling an approximate ABV of 7.88%.

Does this sound right to you? Anything I missed? Is 1.010 a good number?

Thanks in advance. Cheers!


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Jun 28, 2013
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I like your train of thought. I too look at brewing as more of a art than a science. However, getting down the science is the key to making perfect art (if that makes sense-and in my opinion). Ph readings, Ibus, gravity readings, water profile, yeasts (amount, type) , temperature control, etc. all play major roles and should be considered.

So long as these factors play well together with your ipa I'd say a near 8% iPa sounds good to me although it is now a imperial ipa.