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Mar 2, 2009
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Santa Fe
Oh boy.... TREASURES!

I decided to visit our local recycle center on Saturday and found some wonderful treasures!

Our first treasure was 4 cases of beer bottles. The kinds without the screw tops! There were all sorts of makes and models but our local place had a bunch of them there that I was able to take home for the price of a bottle of cherry cyser that I brewed up last year. She told me I could also come back next week and pick up some more, so I should be set for bottles for the first 3 -4 batches of beer. I have the first two cases soaking in my other bathtub with a couple of scoops of Oxyclean. I just need to get them clean, I will sanitize on bottling day in a couple of weeks. She also had plenty of wine bottles so I will invade in a few months when I bottle the batch of mead I have fermenting right now...

The second treasure we found were working refrigerators! They had them on sale for $30 each! Now, I just need to clean out some space in the garage to put them. I figure the spare fridge for the beer (after the 3 week sitting time after bottling) and the freezer for making 1/2 gallon ice blocks will be great for cold water fermentation! It is an average sized fridge so it should hold a good amount of beer bottles. Now, I just need an alarm system to keep the 2 legged cellar rats out of the fridge and life will be complete.

Go over and check out your local recyclers. It sure beats $14 to purchase 18 new 12 oz beer bottles that I still have to wash and sterilize...


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Oct 29, 2007
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Why do cold water fermentation? Put a temp controller on the freezer, then you can not only ferment in there, but also use it to crash the beer when you are ready, and lager if you want...