yet another noob. this one from Sunny San Diego

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May 14, 2005
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Ocean beach, San Diego, CA
hey all. Newbie here from Sunny San Diego California. Both myself and my roomate brew. He has been brewing for several years, but was on a bit of a break for the last two years cause we were in college and didnt have the time. (wheeling got in the way :D )

We recently started brewing again. We live like 5 minutes from Home brewers mart in Pacific beach.

for equipment we are using: (for the moment, plans are working for a mobile, two burner set up) Outdoor propane turkey deep frier, 6 gallon aluminum pot that came with it, 30 gallon aluminum pot we got for cheap at a local restaurant supply house, 5 and 6 gallon plastic buckets for fermentors, bottling.

For ingredients, we are brewing with all grain. using white labs liquid yeast exclusively since its local and we get it fresh. and varying between whole hops and hop pellets.

So far we have made the following beers. we are brewing a batch once a week.
1. Kolsch (our first, bottled and should be ready to drink Monday)
2. a Strawberry Ale (strawberries were cheap and good. bottled, same as Kolsch, ready on monday)
3. Vanilla Stout (no extract here, fresh madagascan vanilla beans were used. Bottled, should be ready next monday)
4. Altbier (will be bottled Monday)
5. A Scottish Heather, Honey Ale (brewed monday, still fermenting away)

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