Yessss.... I made beer!

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Dec 26, 2007
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grand island, Nebraska
I just cracked open my first homebrew, And ta da.
It's the Mr. Beer ( I know, I know) WCPA and I gotta say it's pretty good.
Great carbing, Good tall head , Nice clarity and a good nose. I fermented for one week and bottled and let it rest for three weeks. All the others were bottled in one week intervals for my own knowledge to see how it would improve or degrade the longer it would ferment. Can't wait to try the others.

Any way just wanted to share my joy.:ban: :rockin:

Congrats, hope you already have another one going cuz that one will be gone before the next one is ready if you dont :)
Thanks. I will move up to a "Big Boy" set up as soon as I get that new check from the Pres. Bush:D . Anyway, I am stoked and can't wait .

I have the PET 1 liter bottles. Will the carbing stay present for a day or two like
soda will? I would like to take some to my HB newbie buddy at work to try aout since my other bottles will not be ready for another week. He made a Dark Lager
that was a good success for his first time also.
a dark lager for a first brew! that's pretty impressive. you should think about the big boy setup sooner. it's going to be a while before you get that check ;)

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