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Oct 13, 2013
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I've been drinking some of last year's cider and am noticing a yeasty taste in it. I used fresh pressed cider, sulphited and pitched EC-1118 24 hours later. Left it in primary for a week or two and then racked to secondary. If memory serves me correctly I racked a second time. It had at least 3-4 months of age on it when I bottled. I backsweetened to 1.05 and added another dose of sugar to produce 2.5 volumes of carb (as per internet charts). Most of the cider carbed higher than 2.5 before I pasteurized. A few bottles were filled with dry cider and priming sugar (and not pasteurized). Now when I drink the cider I notice a definite yeast taste to it, even the stuff that was carbed dry. Is this a natural product of drinking bottle conditioned cider? The cider I bottled still tastes fine...even better now that there is a year of age on it!