yeast throwing off starting gravity

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Aug 8, 2007
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last night I made an Amber last night and forgot to take the gravity reading before pitching the yeast. Will this throw off my gravity and if so by how much.
Initially it wouldn't have, but I assume fermentation has started already, so I wouldn't worry about the OG at this point. It'll still be beer even if you don't know the OG
If you pitched last night, then don't bother, you won't know what your SG really was. If you're worried about your starter changing the SG, as long as the volume of the starter isn't that big, or it isn't a really big beer, it shouldn't make much of a difference.
i pitched last night and then i realized I hadnt checked so i did it right then, It shouldnt have started yet.
Ah, a slightly different question. Your initial phrasing made it sound like you were going to check it this morning. Pitching the yeast, then taking the gravity won't change the reading, unless you pitched 2-3 quarts of starter.
Ya i wrote that when i just woke up, prob was still half asleep. Thanks for the help guys