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May 5, 2007
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Belleville Mi
Well I started my first yeast starter. I used Liquid Malt Extract. I learned the hard way. I poured the extract in my flask first then added water and boiled. Big mistake!!!!! It totally burnt to the bottom of my flask!! I cleaned it out. (Big Job) went the brew store and bought another pound of extract so my recepie will be correct. I started over. I put water in the flask first and brought to a boil then added the LME. I swirled it around good to mix then continued to boil. (Much better!!) I chilled the flask in an ice bath and pitched my Wyeast and in about an hour I had activity. I hope this will work in my Brown Ale. How does this sound ok??? :rockin:
Yep you want to add extract off the burner. Sounds fine to me as long as your wort was cool enough, and if you have activity it was. Probably not necessary on most brown ales though, unless it was high gravity or a double batch. Either way it won't hurt to pitch more yeast...well it can if you pitch too much but you have to try to do that.
I'm just trying new things. I'm looking to reduce the lag time. I used only one pack of yeast.
Yep basically the same process as brewing minus the hops. Bring water to boil remove from burner had extract back to burner, cool and add yeast.