Yeast starter - cider smell/taste

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Feb 10, 2014
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I collected the yeast from the bottom of 4 bells amber beers. I added wort and put them on a stir plate for a couple days. No real good sign of fermentation. I added more wort at let it sit on the stir plate for a couple more days. Better signs of fermentation this time around. I put the starter in the fridge for 3 days to drop the yeast out. There was a good little yeast cake on the bottom. Since i will be brewing in a couple days i took it out decanted the liquid into a glass and added 750ml more fresh wort. The liquid didnt taste or smell like beer to me. It was much closer to cider taste and smell. Not necessarily horribly bad just not beer flavored. Use it or get some other yeast? This was my first yeast propagation from a bottle so not sure what to expect. I do yeast starters for all of my beers and they havent smelled or tasted like this. Usually my starters only take a couple days total from start to decanting so i was wondering if the extra contact time with oxygen causes this. This is starter is going on a week now.