Yeast Slurry on a stir plate

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Feb 22, 2014
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Terrell, Tx
this afternoon while brewing a Bell’s two hearted clone I took my yeast starter (Imperial Flagship) out of the fridge, decanted off the wort above the yeast cake, leaving about 1/4” or so above the cake in a 2L flask. I added a drop of olive oil (wanted to try that since I don’t have an O2 wand) and set in on my stir plate for about 10 minutes. When I pitched it, it was quite foamy and all the cake had been mixed into a slurry. I pitched it at 70° as my chiller continued to take the 10 gallons down to ~65°. After about 30 minutes the blow off tube was bubbling, not a crazy amount but a bubble every 15 seconds or so…. Anyone have history with spinning the slurry on a stir plate - maybe another way to oxygenate the yeast before pitching, or could it be the impact of the Olive oil? Thoughts?

I’ll add that the starter on this blew off with the first step, I’d never had that before and the first time I’ve used this yeast - maybe it’s just a quick starter…

thanks all.
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Jan 18, 2019
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I don't think it's possible to have fermentation induced off-gassing within 30 minutes. It's just that the yeast has a lot of other stuff to do before the conversion of sugars to alcohol starts.
The bubbles you were seeing were most likely due to a rise of temperature inside the bucket.