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Jan 8, 2008
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I used a propagator pack the other day for the first time, and I'm worried that the starter wort was WAY too hot when I pitched the yeast. Around what temp will the yeast start dying?
Any temp above 120º and the yeast start dying in droves. If you pitched the propagator pack a few days ago you should be seeing activity in the starter. No activity, well, then the wort was too hot.
I should be fine... my thermometer said 80, but after I pitched it in the starter, the container felt REALLY warm to the touch. I brewed yesterday afternoon, so if I don't see any bubbles by Tuesday I'll start to worry.
I was concerned about the propogator pack I started Thursday night as well. I never saw any activity in my starter.

I brewed yesterday anyway and I was still concerned until this morning. I ususally get action in my brew within a few hours. This one took almost 18 hours before I saw anything going on in my brew and now it's humming along nicely.

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