Yeast harvested from a beer yeast cake used for Apfelwein?

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Nov 12, 2007
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Atlanta, GA
I was wanting to start another batch of Apfelwein tonight and i have a beer ready to rack to secondary as well. If i washed and harvested some of the beers yeast cake would it take well to fermenting a cider?

I am worried that because the fermentables are different form the beer to the cider the yeast may have trouble working in the apfelwein.

What do you think?
Been there...done that.

You should be just fine.

Might be a bit more robust fermentation though so if'n you have a blow off tube, might be a good idea to employ.
If you want to use a beer yeast, I'd say don't bother with the cake and just pitch a pack of Nottingham. Apart from the problem of not being able to ferment the fructose in apple juice, you may end up with some unwanted off flavors.

EDIT: On second thought, go ahead. I bow to BM's knowledge...
hah, yeah i usually use nottingham but apparently i slacked on inventory and don't have a single pack on hand a i don't have a LHBS. But i the cake i would harvest would be the Wyeast 1007 German Ale, which i thought would be fitting for the Apfelwein...

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