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Oct 4, 2013
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Metrowest, Massachusets.
so a week and a bit ago I made a big chunk of starter to see about reviving the yeasts |I had stored in the fridge, in preparation for brewing with a couple and freezing the others down for future brews.
I had 6 varieties of 'regular' yeast, which amazingly all came back to life and fermented out (plus or minus a couple points of FG, which is to be expected given different attenuation rates.
|I have them all back in the fridge to cold crash, planning on decanting into vials with glycerine / water mix, at 10 /90 ratio, let that sit in the fridge a couple days then into the freezer. This correct?
My main question, though, is regarding 2 others I did - both sour dregs. |Those took more time, but each has a nice little pellicle going on, so obviosly something is going on in there.
Would I freeze those down the same way? I didn't take a reading on the gravity on them yet, though I suppose I should. Should |I let them ferment down to the same level, plus or minus, as the others? or can I cold-crash and decant any time?